Elizavecca Vita Deep Power Ringer Face Mask Review, Price and Where to Buy

Hello everyone,
I am back with a review of another face mask today. I am a big fan of face masks and when Elizavecca sent me a pack of their best selling masks, I was beyond elated. I have already reviewed their Tea Tree Deep Power Ringer Face Mask (Read review HERE) and today’s review is on Elizavecca Vita Deep Power Ringer Face Mask. So without wasting any time further, let’s get into the details…

PRODUCT NAME: Elizavecca Vita Deep Power Ringer Mask
PRICE:-  $2.  Around Rs. 200-250 in India. A pack of 10 sheet masks is available for around Rs. 2000.
WHERE TO BUY: Elizavecca Official Website, AmazonIndia, Shopclues, YesStyle, Style Korean, Beauty Box Korea, Althea KR, BeautyJoint.

Unfortunately everything is written in Korean. I searched on Google, but didn’t find any as such. But as it shows “orange” (some websites says ‘lemon’ though) and I guess it might contain orange extracts which is rich in anti-oxidants that soothes and brightens skin and also lightens spots and blemishes.

The sheet mask had the correct thickness. Not too thin that it would dry off within minutes after application and not too thick that it won’t stay on your face or feel heavy. It is soaked with essence adequately and there is even a lot left on the packet which you can pat on neck, arms and even on face after taking the mask off. Coming to the fit, this feels pretty big for my face. The eye hole and the mouth hole, there are huge. This leads to unnecessary wrinkling of the mask.

Wash your face. Remove every trace of makeup if you have any.
Tear open the pack and take out the sheet mask.
Carefully unfold and align the holes of the mask with eyes, nose and mouth.
Now press gently and make sure you don’t have any air bubbles or wrinkles on it.
Now relax.
After 15-20 minutes, peel the mask off, apply the extra essence on your face, neck, arms and pat gently.

As I said I love sheet masking and keep on experimenting with different brands. I have heard so much about Elizavecca and hence was pretty excited to try these.
The mask was adequately soaked in essence and had a mild fragrance which didn’t bother my sensitive nose. I kept it on for 15 minutes (that’s the maximum I keep a sheet mask on) and it was still wet with essence when I pulled it off. I applied the extra serum on my neck and arms.
It does feel sticky and takes time to absorb. The Tea Tree mask I used before too felt sticky, but not as much as this and the tackiness too had vanished with slight patting and massaging. So I would advise you to apply this during your night time regime and wait for a few minutes before going to the next step. I didn’t apply anything else after it just to see how it works alone and also because I didn’t feel the need to apply anything else. As it was still feeling sticky I was wondering if I’ll wake up to a skin filled with breakouts or not, but fortunately I woke up to a soft, supple and immensely brightened and hydrated skin. It imparted a healthy, dewy glow and I really loved the feel. It didn’t break me out or cause any irritation. My skin looked brighter than it was after I applied the Tea Tree one.  Also, applying makeup became a breeze that day.
I just have two issues with this mask. First, every detail about it is written in Korean. I know Elizavecca is a Korean brand, but when you are part of an international market, you should have a language besides Korean, a language that is understood by all; English to be precise. Secondly, the fit. I tried really hard to make this fit my face, but it was way too big. Wrinkling and air bubbles inside a sheet mask lessen its efficiency and that’s what was happening with this one. I had to run my fingers on it every minute to even it out. Touching my face during masking is something I don’t like. Other than these two, the performance and the result were absolutely great.

Overall, I pretty much like the sheet mask and would definitely want to purchase multiples of this. Considering the price point and effectiveness, they are really good. Feels truly amazing at the end of a long tiring day and skin feels brightened, hydrated and soft the next morning. I would also like to try the “Collagen Deep” variant from this range as well. My only disappointment1 is the fit, it could have been better. But again, not everyone has the same face shape and size. Considering that it is okay!
I would recommend these to all the people who love sheet masking. There are many other variants containing different active ingredients tackling different kinds of skincare concerns. So you can pick up accordingly. Do give the brand a try :)
Also, there is a charcoal mask from Elizavecca, the Bubble BlackBoom Pore Pack, and it turns into a bubble mask when massaged. You can check the review HERE as well. A must try as well.

So do try these and let me know. Will be waiting for your feedback.

* PR Sample. But review is honest as always.


  1. I love sheet masks and this one sounds really nice.

  2. It's always interesting to me to see different sheet masks since I use a lot of them and like to switch around. It's too bad this one was so sticky though. I can't believe how big the mask is.

  3. I usually prefer hydrogel masks more than sheet masks. They just seem to fit and stay better for me. Have you tried any hydrogel masks?

  4. Unfortunately, just about all masks I use are not cut right to suit my face. I'm sure they is no true one size fits all!

  5. I don't believe we have that brand here. I know what you mean about trying to read the pack when it's all in Korean! I haven't been using sheet masks as much lately because they never seem to fit me correctly, but you got a perfect fit from the lemon/orange one

  6. I bet this smells amazing. Sounds refreshing.

  7. Size must be hard to figure out, but sounds like it was a nice one! I need to try a sheet mask!

  8. The fit is the most difficult part for me with sheet masks as well; I only use them right before I wash my hair to avoid greasiness.

  9. I think I'd have to google translate the whole package to make sure there were no allergens.

  10. I love sheet masks and really going to try doing at least one a week. I will have to pick this one up and give a try, the pricing is perfect!

  11. With so many sheet masks on the market these days its really hard to find one that works. I'm gad this one was effective and affordable. happy new year

  12. I’ve tried this brand in the past — it’s always kinda weird trying a product that you can’t read the packaging of, lol

  13. I love sheet masks, haven’t tried any from this brand so I’ll gave to check them out!


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