TUG OF WAR: MAC Cosmetics Mehr vs MAC Cosmetics Twig

Hello everyone,
Welcome to “Tug of War”, the section in my blog which talks about and compares various products from the beauty industry. I started this section with an aim to help you go through similar products or shades and select the one that suits you the best. The first “Tug of War” was between MAC Ruby Woo and MAC Russian Red (click HERE to go through it) and today the battle is between Mehr and Twig, two famous lipsticks from the house of MAC again.

So let the battle begin…

PACKAGING:-Both of the lipsticks come in MAC's traditional black-silver bullet case.

MEHR is a dirty pink which sometimes leans cool and sometimes warm depending on light and your skin tone and color. It is a very tricky shade (if that makes sense), nevertheless very pretty. The color suits fair to fair-medium skin tone more and might wash out dusky beauties.
TWIG is a warm rosy pink with subtle brown undertones which I feel is so stunning and universally flattering. I noticed that it pulls more brown on fair skin tone and more pink on richer skin tones.

In short, Mehr is a little cooler and pinker than TWIG.

Mehr is from MAC’s Matte collection. But Mehr has one of the softest matte textures. Buttery, non-drying and is very easy to apply on lips. The downside is being so creamy it has sheen to it and also isn’t transfer-proof and very long staying. One tip: Apply Mehr, blot it and then layer it up. This way it looks less shiny and lasts longer.
Twig on the other hand is from MAC’s Satin range. But astonishingly the texture is so similar to Mehr. Twig is just a bit glossier. Also, when layered it feels heavier than Mehr.

Both of them are incredibly pigmented and two swipes are enough to cover any lip pigmentation. Both of them have fairly same staying power.


MEHR: Notice how the color changes, sometimes it looks really cool toned and sometimes neutral.

MAC MEHR without blotting

MAC MEHR after blotting

MAC MEHR after blotting

MAC MEHR without blotting




I had heard about MEHR long before I actually purchased it. It was on my wish-list for pretty long. MAC Twig was a gift from my brother and I love it too. It is really hard for me to choose one over the other, but if I have no option but to choose just one, it will be Mehr. It is such a pretty lip color. I always blot the sheen off with a tissue and it looks prettier.

Well, this now totally depends on you. If you want something pinker, go for Mehr and if you want something like a dusty pink then go for Twig. Also depending on your skin tone, if you are fair or medium fair, you can definitely go for Mehr. But if you have a richer skin tone, I would recommend you to swatch it at the store first and then buy. Mehr might wash you out. So Twig will be your safe call. Twig looks flattering on almost every skin tone and at every age, a very wearable shade I must say.
Hope this comparison will help you buy that MAC lipstick on your next shopping day on Nykaa Luxe or on your next trip to the MAC Store (don’t know when, but hopefully soon) 

See you on my next post. Take care and stay safe.


  1. I like how you matched those shades with smokey eyes!

  2. I'm a pink lipstick freak and would definitely choose MEHR. You look fab in both.

  3. Hi! I usually almost never write a comment to an online blog, and especially not 2 years after date haha, but just wanted to say this was super super useful in deciding which of these 2 beauties to buy! I love your style of writing and you captured exactlyyy the doubts that I had and answered them perfectly.
    I ended up going with Mehr ;)

    So thank you very much!

  4. Hi! I almost never write a comment to an online blog, and especially not 2.5 years after date haha, but this was super super helpful! I love your style of writing, you reallly captured my doubts about deciding between these two beauties, and perfectly answered them.
    I ended up going for Mehr ;)

    Thank you again so much!


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