Charcoal Mask Turned Into Bubble Mask? Elizavecca Milk Piggy Hell-Pore Bubble Blackboom Pore Pack Review, Price and Where to Buy

We all know about the charcoal mask and bubble mask that are making the beauty frenzy people go crazy, right? They are all over the internet and you just can’t scroll through Facebook or Instagram without seeing a video of a cute girl applying a layer of black gel like mask or bursting the bubbles on her face.

Coming back to today’s post, it is a review of a very interesting product that I received few days back from the house of Elizavecca, and it is called Elizavecca Milk Piggy Hell-Pore Bubble Blackboom Pore Pack. It is actually a charcoal mask that turns into a bubble mask, a two in one product that claims to have the benefits of both the types of packs. Already a fan of Elizavecca’s Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask, I was so excited when I received this.
So without blabbering any further, lets jump into the review...

A deep cleaning mask packed with charcoal that helps to lift-up and remove impurities and reduce the appearance of pores. It also helps in preventing further breakouts.

$26. Around 29000 South Korean Won.


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Elizavecca has the most adorable packaging. This too comes in their signature fun and quirky squeeze tube with a flip top cap. The tube further comes in a quirkier cardboard box.

There is an anti-forgery tag at the base of the cardboard box, where you can scrape the silver leaf to reveal a secret number. Then you can enter the number on a check-box on Elizavecca’s official website. This is where you can check whether the product you bought is authentic or a counterfeit one. How cool is that!

The mask is black in color with a gel like consistency. The texture, though on the thicker side, applies smoothly. I would recommend using fingers for application, it gets difficult with a brush. The mask is actually a “non-drying” and “non-peel off” mask. It stays wet and sticky on the skin and transforms into grayish foam when massaged with water. It doesn’t bubble as much as it shows in the outer carton, but it does foam decently. Rinsing it off is fairly easy as compared to other masks and it doesn’t leave any residue.

1. Apply a generous amount of the product on your face evenly (except the eye area) and neck. Leave it for 5 minutes.
2. Wet your hands and massage gently till tiny bubbles form.
3. It will get foamier as you keep adding water.
4. Wash off with tepid water and pat dry.

 See the transformation of the mask 

My skin feels pretty good after the wash, soft and so smooth to touch. But the best part is my skin doesn’t feel stretchy or dry after using this, on the contrary feels much hydrated.
The various components (papaya fruit extract, lauric acid, myristic acid etc. ) present in the mask helps exfoliate the skin gently and loosen the dead skin, sebum and other impurities and then the 4% charcoal draws out the impurities from the pores. The botanical extracts soothes inflamed skin and help to keep the mask hydrating without stripping the skin off its essential moisture. All these make the mask a complete package. No doubt why it feels very different from the rest of the masks I have used so far.

Look at the picture below, I applied the mask on myself and as well as on my mother in law and husband. Reason? We have different skin types and trying it out together helps us identify the results of a product on our various skin types. (I had to plea and literally butter my husband to apply that mask on his face. I promised not to post this picture on social media. But as you know, promises are meant to be broken :P )

I have normal-sensitive skin and this was perfect for me, it didn’t leave my skin dry or stretchy. I didn’t feel the need of any moisturizer after this, but a layer wouldn’t harm either. My face was squeaky clean, bright and soft. It didn’t break me out or caused any irritation.
My mother-in-law has dry skin and her skin felt a little stretchy post washing, but nothing that a moisturizer cannot fix. She loved the feel and glow of her skin.
My husband has oily acne prone skin and this worked best on him. His skin felt so fresh, bright, clean and noticeably less inflamed. His skin felt less oily throughout the day and I could see a visible reduction in the appearance of the pores.

POINTS To Remember:-
Keep the product quantity in mind. I applied way too much on my first use. Just a thin layer will work fine.
Don’t cross the 5 minute deadline.
It stings eyes badly. Make sure you keep it away from the eye area.
Don't use on open wounds, eczema or dermatitis.

I really enjoyed the masking sessions with Elizavecca Milk Piggy Hell-Pore Bubble Blackboom Pore Pack. The journeys from a black charcoal mask to a grey foam mask is fun. I love experimenting with different products and this has my heart. Love how it gently exfoliates and cleanses my skin, without being too harsh. Skin is deeply cleansed and feels fresh, brightened and soft.  I apply this before the night shower and the effect lasts throughout the next day. This is one of the best charcoal masks I have tried and is one of the very few PR products that I will actually purchase and repurchase until I find something better.

I just wish Elizavecca launches their product in India so that we can enjoy these beauties even more.

Would you try anything like this? Have you tried anything similar? Have you used anything from Elizavecca before? Let us know :)

* PR Sample. But review is honest as always.


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