Wiseshe by Anamika Flat Eye Makeup Brushes and Pro Eye Shadow Crease Blending Brushes Review

Many of you might already know that I am a crazy eye makeup lover and eye makeup brushes play a pivotal part in my life. They are absolute game changers and make life much easier. But finding the best makeup brush sets, especially eye makeup brushes, isn’t always easy.
But when another person who is as much of a crazy eye makeup lover as I am, a mentor, a fellow and a friend helps you in this regard, you can only be truly content to the core of your heart. Anamika Sureka, the owner of India’s biggest beauty blog Wiseshe, by way of launching her own line of makeup brushes, has made my life lot easier.
Read below to find out how her latest gift made my day... days…..

Introducing, Wiseshe Flat Eye Makeup Brushes and Pro Eyeshadow Crease Blending Brushes


The brushes come in sets of two and in chic, slender boxes which are very sturdy and protect the brush from any outside damages and dust. The spongy cushion present inside the box provides more protection to the brush and makes sure that the brushes stay in place and bristles don’t take any hit even while travelling.

The brushes have the traditional look of eye makeup brushes. The long glossy black handle looks so stunning and provides perfect grip. They are light weight, handy and are easy to use even when in hurry. The bristles are made up of pony hair, making it perfect for powder based products. The brushes feel so beautiful. Being made of natural pony hair they might not feel as soft as synthetic ones, but they will gradually become softer with time and use.


SET 1:- FLAT Eye Shadow Brushes:-
PRO Shadow:-
The bristles are soft and dense. It picks up pigments effortlessly and deposits the right amount on the lid. I just wish they were a little shorter in length.

PRO Smudge Brush:-
The bristles are short and densely packed, perfect for smudging. Other than smudging colors, you can easily use this to pack in eye shadow on the upper lid too. This did a beautiful job in smudging kohl as well. This is my favourite between the two.

Set 2:- Pro Eyeshadow Crease Blending Brushes
PRO Crease:-
It has a very unique shape for a crease brush, kind of an “eye-kabuki” brush. This is a great brush for applying the transition shades on the crease area and outer corners of the eyes to define and shape it. Going to and fro on the crease is a breeze now.

PRO Domed Crease:-
Again my favourite of the two. This is just perfect for my eye size and shape. It is soft, fluffy and dense and works beautifully in blending and diffusing the eye shadows for a seamless finish. The dome shape makes it even easier to blend shadows. I love using it for light washes of color or just at the end of eye shadow application to blend the harsh lines.

These are very easy to clean. Just pour some brush cleaner (I use my homemade one) on your palm or brush cleaning pad (Read review HERE), and gently swirl the brushes on it. I didn’t experience any shedding while running my hands through them, nor while or after washing them. They didn’t lose the shape either.

I always prefer eye shadow brushes with natural hair over the synthetic ones and I am happy these are made up of natural hair. Few natural hair brushes which I have tried before were hard and poked and scratched my eyes. But these are absolutely wonderful. No matter at what angle you point it on your skin, there are no poking or scratching. These are very soft on eyes, yet firm enough to pick and deposit the right amount of pigments. Anamika did a fabulous job with this line of brushes. I love how the brushes look and feel. These are a joy to use. Perfect!

These might look expensive, but I guess are worth the investment. If you are gentle and take good care of the brushes, then these will easily last you for years.

I just can't stop playing around with them...

This is the eye makeup I created using these beauties... I tried doing a cloud eye makeup that is trending right now. My clouds are far from being "clouds"...but felt like sharing nevertheless. 


BRAND: Wiseshe by Anamika

PRODUCT NAME:- Flat Eye Makeup Brushes and Pro Eyeshadow Crease Blending Brushes.

Rs. 1200 for each sets. Currently available at 50% off on Amazon India.

Amazon India. 

OTHER BRUSHES TO CHECKOUT FROM THE BRAND:-Wiseshe Cheek and Contour Brush (Read the review HERE)


  1. Beautiful eye look you did. Only you can achieve this. And the brushes look so elegant really. Worth a buy am sure.

  2. Wow that final eye look! Thanks for the in depth review on each brush. Super helpful!

  3. Wow, that is truly art! Amazing work!

  4. These sound great. I love the eye look you created!

  5. Those brushes are great, but HELLO! Your shadow art is amazing!

  6. Such a fabulous eye makeup you put together Madhu! Totally in love with the pictures!


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