Cloud Eye Makeup Tutorial With Step by Step Pictures

Hello everyone,
Today I am here with a tutorial on an eye makeup trend that is all over Instagram right now, it keeps popping up on my feed and being a crazy makeup lover I just had to recreate this. And boy, it was fun! Due to lack of practice, the clouds of my cloud makeup were far from being ‘clouds’. I felt that the look wasn’t Instagram worthy, but the love I received on my teaser post was crazy and I can’t believe I got request for tutorials.

Your wish is my command and thus the tutorial…

First let’s talk about the origin of cloud eye makeup, which is quite hazy. I thought Nikkie de Jager of Nikkie Tutorials is the mother of this Instagram Beauty Moment. But recently she said that her look is a recreation as well. So no clue who actually started this, but it came in the spotlight around March-April this year.
Now without blabbering any further, lets begin the tutorial.
(The look is all about having a gradation and hence uses different shades from same/close color family. I have used pinks and purples. You can use anything of your choice, blues, greens, grey, black.)

Start by prepping your eyes and grooming your eyebrows.
Now take a fluffy crease brush and apply a wash of light pink eye shadow on the upper crease.
Taking a dark pink eye shadow on the same brush, go to and fro on the lower crease area, concentrating on the socket line.
Time to add depth to the outer corner; taking a dark purple on the same brush swirl on the outer corners of your eyes.
Now taking a clean fluffy brush just blend the harsh lines and the colors well, so that the colors melt into each other and don’t look like color blocks on the lids.
Pack on the colors again if you feel like.
After you are done blending the colors, with a flat brush dipped in concealer gently cut the crease, filling the lid with the concealer. (See picture for reference)
Take a bright orange colored eye shadow on the flat brush and apply just above the upper lash line, within the area where you applied the concealer.
Now taking a bright yellow eye shadow, pack in on the upper portion of the orange eye shadow, following the arc of the concealer area. Make sure you don’t cross that arc. (See picture for reference). Blend the harsh line in between orange and yellow eye shadow.

After you are satisfied with the intensity and color diffusion, you can then proceed with the clouds. Dip a small flat brush in concealer and start drawing clouds onto your eye lids. Set the concealer clouds with white eye shadow so that they don’t budge. (You can draw the clouds after finishing the whole makeup as well)
Now move on to your lower lash line. Buff some dark purple on the outer lash line and the dark pink on the inner.
Line your upper lash line and waterline with Kohl. (I used kohl on lower lash line and liquid liner on upper lash line). Smudge the kohl on your lower lash line.
Finally apply tons of mascara to round off the look. Apply falsies if you want to.
And that’s it. Your cloud eye makeup is complete :D

I know the look seems too complicated. But trust me, you will enjoy it thoroughly.
You can also skip the cut crease if you want to and just go straight with drawing the clouds. You can do cloud cut crease as well. I drew a few birds with a liquid liner, you can draw stars instead. Also as I said earlier, you can choose colors as per your mood and liking. The options are many, you just have to unleash your creativity. 

Let me know what you feel about this look. Don't forget to tag me if you recreate this. Would love to see 


  1. This is so creative, love the colors!!!

  2. You're extremely talented! I like it

  3. Amazing! I love that your lid is the sun going down and the upper shadow is the sun rise/set (depending on where you are). The little birds are the perfect touch.

    1. Thank you so much for the wonderful words :)

  4. Wow you are so talented! I could never do that!

  5. I love the colours in this look! I don't think I've seen clouds with sunsets yet, and I love this much more than the simple blue and white I have come across.

  6. I love that you did this for a blog post. I'm so used to only seeing this kind of thing on IG.

  7. This is so unique. I'm not used to seeing eye art and you've done a great job.

  8. This is beautiful!!!!! You are so incredibly talented!

  9. This is too cute - thank you for showing a how to! I'm no good with makeup but I love seeing it on people!

  10. Wow! This is just amazing!! I love the sunset vibe and the add birds is just too stinking cute!

  11. You are so talented!! That look came out so well.

  12. I haven’t seen this look pop up on my Instagram feed, but I love how vibrant and creative it is!

  13. This is stunning maddy :* Really are soooooo talented :*


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