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Hello lovely ladies,
Its been long since I have posted reviews of makeup products, actually it has been long since I have bought any new makeup product. Strange!! Not that I was in a shopping sabbatical or something, I mean I was broke as ever, but being broke never could really stop me from buying stuff. I just got bored of the similar things getting launched by brands. There were no variations, no uniqueness; just same old thing from different brands.
One evening, just before the Durga Puja, I was aimlessly strolling around the ‘lanes’ of Shoppers Stop, when the SA from the Chambor counter tried to grab my attention by literally swinging the tubes of the newly launched CHAMBOR Extreme Wear Transferproof Liquid Lipsticks in front of me and it is needless to say that it didn’t take him much time to hypnotize me. I came out of Shopper’s Stop with four CHAMBOR Liquid Lipsticks and today’s review is on the one that the SA used as the killing weapon, CHAMBOR Extreme Wear Transferproof Liquid Lipstick in shade 407. Chambor has added 5 new shades to their “Extreme Wear” range and this one is one of those. I have heard only good things about this range, but have never used one. Thus with a happy heart and high hopes I came back home and after using them on and off for a month, it is finally time for the review.

Lets get into the details…




The liquid lipstick comes in a sleek, flat transparent bottle and a screw cap which has the applicator attached to it. The tube further comes housed in a box which has all the details mentioned. The applicator is of decent quality.

407 is a stunning, reddish fuchsia color which has a subtle neon tinge to it. It is bright, bold, and beautiful and how much red or pink it will pull totally depends on the light and skin tone. I love to wear this on my no-makeup days. Just a swipe of this and you don’t need anything. It lights up your face in no time.
The texture of the lipstick is like soft butter and applies smoothly and evenly without leaving any streaks behind. The liquid lipstick settles in a comfortable, sophisticated matte finish. I have super dry and flaky lips throughout the year, so I prefer to use this over a layer of Vaseline. Well prepped lips are a must when you are opting for this range.

Saying “insanely pigmented” will be an understatement. One swipe is more than enough to cover lips and obviously any lip pigmentation. It has an amazing staying power as well. It lasted on me for 10+ hours and also fades evenly. It leaves a strong tint behind which looks beautiful and camouflages the fading of the actual lipstick. The tint though looks stunning, is actually a pain to remove. So you have to be careful while wearing it. A mistake can prove fatal as it stains really fast.

I am extremely happy with this lipstick. It looks stunning, is smooth, velvety, incredibly pigmented and feels super light on lips. It may take some time to dry, but once it sets, it is absolutely transfer proof. Good formula is something I really love. The matte finish is not flat and feels very comfortable, unlike most of the liquid lipsticks which make my lips look parched. Now I know why people are raving about this range. Yes, the price feels a little on the expensive side, but it is so much worth every penny. I mean I have used liquid lipsticks way more expensive than this, but feel nothing like this. 

5/5. This is pure love.
Have you noticed how different it looks under different light? I am totally astonished ...

Have you tried any of CHAMBOR Extreme Wear Transferproof Liquid Lipsticks? If yes, which one is your favorite? If no, get one soon …


  1. That gorgeous red is perfection on you!

  2. That's a beautiful shade and it looks great on you.

  3. That’s such a pretty and vibrant shade

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  6. That's a totally stunning shade and it looks very pretty on you.

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  9. This is a gorgeous shade of red on you!

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  11. I would sell my soul for this shade. Holy wow. It's gorgeous on you!

  12. WHOA that's pigmented! It looks amazing on you in all lights too!


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