How to Determine Your Skin Tone and Undertone

While I was covering beauty related topics like, which red lip color will suit you, whichnude lip color is for you, how to choose the right hair color, etc, I naturally had to include colors as per skin tone and I got so many requests from readers and friends who wanted to know how to determine their skin tones. It is such a crucial topic and I feel so bad not to cover it before in my blog. So here it goes…

Undertones are basically the underlying colors of your skin. Knowing your undertone will help you select what foundation is best for you, what lip colors will suit you the most, what eye shadow will look good on you, which hair color will suit you the best and will even help you determine which color of dress will look best on you.

People are generally cool toned, warm toned or neutral. Cool toned is when people have pink, blue undertones; if you are warm, your skin will lean peachy, yellow or golden and if you are neutral, then you are having a balanced skin tone, means it doesn’t lean one way or the other more.

So here are a few tips and tricks through which you can determine what tone you are…

Unveil your Vein:-

Your veins have many other works to do than to just carry blood, for example, veins have this huge responsibility of helping you understand your skin tone. Look at the veins on the inside of your wrist (of course under natural lighting), see what colors they predominately appear.

  • ·        If the colors of your veins are bluish or purplish, then you are cool-toned.
  • ·        If your veins appear green on the wrist, then you are warm-toned.
  • ·        If you have problem telling the difference, like they are neither lean green nor blue, just appear to be greenish blue, then you are probably neutral toned.

Let the sun Talk:-
The ball of fire has a lot to do when determining your skin tone. Well, actually it is the melanin in your skin that reacts to sun exposure which eventually can help you determine your undertone.
  • ·        If your skin burns and doesn't tan, then you probably have lesser melanin and likely a cooler skin tone.
  • ·        If you get tanned easily and rarely burn and roast, then you have more melanin and therefore you have a warm or neutral skin tone.

White Paper Magic:-
Take off your makeup completely and pull your hair back into a ponytail. Place a white paper next to your face.
  • ·        If your skin appears rosy hued, pinkish or bluish, then you likely have a cool skin tone.
  • ·        If your skin appears yellowish, pale brownish, then you have a warmer skin tone.
  • ·        If you can't determine any cast of yellow or pink, you have a neutral skin tone.

White Magic:-
If you are still not convinced with white paper trick, you can follow this step. Grab a pure white paper and an off-white one. Any piece of clothing will do too. Hold them next to your face, but one at a time.
  • ·        If you look washed out against pure white and better in/against off-white, then you are likely to be cool toned.
  • ·        Do you think white looks better? Then probably you are warm toned.
  • ·        Look great in both colors? Then you already know your answer, you are probably neutral undertoned.

The Good Old Jewelry trick:-
Jewelry plays a major role in enhancing and completing our whole look. But they also play a major role in determining undertones. Grab some silver and gold jewelry pieces. Silver and golden foil work too. Ok, one thing, it is about what suits you more, not what you like more :P
  • ·        Girls with cool undertones look better in silver.
  • ·        Warm-toned beauties look better in gold.
  • ·        And of course, if you look great in both, you are neutral toned.

Eye and Hair Color:-
Your natural hair color and eye color can also help you in determining your skin tone.
  • ·        Cool toned people generally have gray, blue or green eyes. Their natural hair color are generally in the shades of brown, black or blond with silver, ashy, blue, violet undertones.
  • ·        Warm toned people usually have honey, brown, hazel or amber colored eyes. Their natural hair color are generally in shades of brown and black with gold, yellow, red or orange undertones.

Color coding and decoding:-

Still confused? Then raid your wardrobe. There is no denying that certain colors will make you look better than the others.

  • ·        Warm-toned girls look glowy in earth tones, oranges, yellows, browns, yellow based greens, ivory, and warm orangey reds.
  • ·       Cool-toned girls look better in vibrant hues such emerald greens, pinks, magenta, blues, purples, cool blue-based reds.
  • ·       Look great in any and every color? Well, I envy the “neutral” you.

So that’s it. Hope these help you in unveiling your under tone.  Before wrapping up the post, I’ll be sharing some important tips.

  • ·        Before going for any of the above tests, make sure your skin is clean and free of any makeup or skin care products.
  • ·        Always examine your skin under natural light.
  • ·        If you have problem deciding, ask for help from family or friends. Then can help you out or make you feel even more confused.




  1. though I am not quite convinced about the dress colors and skintones....I like and agree completely to the first point.... The color of nerves...i am warm undertoned.... <3 you have done a great job by creating this useful!

  2. U put it heath and soul into this post. Very well done. Claps. Respect

  3. Thank goodness for this post Madhu... Finally confirmed after going through all scenarios that I have neutral undertones.. I used to be confused with just one test telling blue or green veins...

  4. Such a detailed and informative post. Nobody could have better explained it than you. Very helpful article... madhubani... Well written <3

  5. good post, but am having bit confusion,as per your post am cool toned but as per sun talk i have warm or neutral tone

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    Ash |
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  7. Omg! This is soooo useful, loved reading it! Very intersting :) Keep such posts coming xx

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  8. This is so informative and detailed post. I am warm toned and the veins do look greenish on my wrist.

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  11. Absolutely love this blog. I've always struggled with deciding colors for my skin tone, but this blog made it so much easier.

  12. Absolutely love this blog. I've always struggled with deciding colors for my skin tone, but this blog made it so much easier.


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