Juvia's Place The Saharan Eye Shadow Palette: Review, Swatches and Eye Makeup

Hello everyone,
Hope you all are staying healthy and safe.
Starting the first post of this lock down with a disclaimer note:
One thing I have noticed lately, on social media especially, that people have become super judgmental these days.  You post a recipe or a dance video, do makeup or sing a song, there is a section of people who will come and say things destroying every bit of your confidence and happiness. I fail to understand why!
One of the best things about lockdown is that it has blessed us people with another chance to follow our passion that have been caged somewhere deep inside in our hearts. This doesn’t mean that we are not empathetic towards the underprivileged. These are the trying times and everyone is trying to cope with it the best they can. By following their passion and hobbies, people are just trying to keep themselves busy so that depression and boredom don’t set in. It is not a crime to find happiness in the little things in life. I myself suffer from panic attacks and I can’t function when the anxiety triggers. I can’t even eat or sleep to say the least. So if one day I choose not to panic and do things to divert my mind and make myself happy; I don’t see why people should have a problem with that. What a person would do or not do it is completely up to them. So if you find my post ‘disturbing’, kindly un-follow me, ASAP!
Anyway, coming back to today’s post, I have successfully wasted last two months, panicking and worrying about things. It took me quite a while to realize that brooding and losing sleep over things won’t help anyone. I need to divert my mind and what is a better way to reboot yourself than doing what you love? For me it is Blogging!! I am back and hopefully I would try to be regular (saying this for nth time).

So, the first post during lockdown is dedicated to an eye shadow palette; The Saharan from Juvia’s Place.

Juvia’s Place is one of my favorite brands when it comes to eye shadows. They make high quality products at affordable rates. Their products were inspired by the Queens, female rulers, rebels and warriors of African Kingdom. They are created to celebrate the valor, richness, vibrancy and essential colors of their life.

Their much talked about The Saharan Eye Shadow Palette

PRICE: 20$. I got it for 11$ during Black Friday Sale, which equaled to  around INR 770 at the time of purchase.

AVAILABILITY: Juvia’s Place Official Website, Beauty Bay, Ulta
You can even order through Instagram Sellers. Click HERE to checkout a list of genuine instagram sellers.

A poppy coral colored palette which has a lovely artwork on it and comes housed in a similarly designed cardboard box. Details like ingredients and dates are mentioned on the back of the outer box. The palette has a magnetic closure and there is no mirror inside. A simple, clean, light-weighed, no fuss packaging.

The palette houses a mix of 12 matte and shimmer eye shadows. The color palette was inspired by the vibrancy and vivaciousness of the Fulani culture.

SOKOTO: A bright matte orangish red. Incredibly pigmented and blends super smoothly.

WODAABE: A metallic greenish gold. OMG OMG OMG! Such a stunning shade.

BORORO: A burgundy shimmer eye shadow.

KIA: The shade which swept me off my feet. Juvia Place describes it as a smokey aluminum shimmer. To me, an inexplicably beautiful forest green which has a rich brown shift; it sometimes leans teal as well. A stunner and my most favorite color of the palette.

ZOYA: A satiny rose gold, which sometimes leans more rose than gold.

IMAN: Though looks flat white at first, but it has a blue shift in it. It has a foiled-metallic finish which makes it look even more stunning.

JAMILA: Matte burnt orange/ mahogany. Great as a transition shade.

SENEGAL: A dusty copper, again CHAD: An incredibly pigmented matte black.

KATSINA: A light warm brown. Great as a transition color.

LULU: A satin coppery shade.

FULA: Another beautiful color, a foiled metallic bubble-gum pink.


MATTES: The matte eye shadows are beautiful, smooth, non-chalky, non-patchy and blend well on lids. They do kick up a little bit of powder sometimes, but I feel that’s what makes them blend so beautifully. No fall outs as such. Matte shades tend to have lesser color payoff and vanish with time, but these are beautifully pigmented. Chad is one of the most intense matte black eye shadows I have ever come across. I wore these for 12 hours at a stretch and they looked fresh throughout.

METALLIC: The metallic eye shadows are stunning beyond words. The shades are insanely intense, are soft, buttery and smooth to touch n apply, blend like dream and work incredibly well both with and without brushes. I personally love applying these with fingers. You can also pick it up on a flat brush, spray with water or setting spray and then apply. (Avoid dipping wet brush directly on the pan, it kills the texture over time). They have this foiled metallic finish which looks so luxurious. They stay put throughout, no creasing or fading. I absolutely love these foiled metallic shadows of the palette, they blew my mind away.

SATINY SHIMMERS: Quality wise they are impeccable, no complaints; but I am kind of ignorant towards them. I mean, after those beautiful mattes and incredible foiled metallic shadows, I hardly give any importance to these.

I love the color selection of the palette, especially the unique colored foiled eye shadows. However, I miss a dark brown eye shadow in the palette. Katsina is okay, but a darker brown instead would have been better. I feel it is easier to control the pigmentation and use a darker brown as light brown than packing up a light brown to make it look darker. Also sometimes intense black looks way too dramatic; so in that case you can easily go with browns to smoke your eye makeup out. But still the looks are endless with this palette. You can create subtle looks as well as dramatic looks. In a nutshell, beautiful colors with amazing texture, pigment and staying power. Great value for money even if you don’t get it on sale.

Juvia’s Place Eye Shadow palettes are worth recommending and this one isn’t an exception either. If you are comfortable with such a playful color palette, you can definitely check this out. You won’t be disappointed!


Have you tried any eye shadow palette from Juvia’s Place? How was your experience? Do share with us. Also, take care and stay safe, during this absolutely unprecedented, terrifying and chaotic time and after that as well. Best wishes!


  1. I have one Juvia Place palette and the pigmentation is amazing. The colors are strong and last really well. I like the metallics in this palette.

  2. I love the metallics and shimmers! The pink eye look you created is amazing! Beautiful! I really like the gold over the black too!

  3. I saw this Brand at Ulta around Christmas, most of the colors didnt look wearable but you make it look so doable!


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