Subho Maha Panchami: Durga Puja Look, Makeup and Adda

Subho Maha Panchami everyone,

If you have read my previous post you know that I’ll be featuring six amazing women of my life through the six days of Durga Puja, starting from today. To start of this series of looks, I would like to feature someone who has become very close to me in a very short period of time.

I welcomed Rituparna in our lives as the fifth member of our family of friends. In the time that we have spent together as friends and family, my love and respect for her has only increased. I know people who think being an only child means he/she is stereo-typically independent and selfish. Yes, we are independent, but not selfish. We can be incorrigibly narcissists at times, but we do know the meaning of “loving others” and we can aid abet you with all the love and loyalty.

Marriage, in the Indian society, is a life-changing incident for a girl; especially for a single child, when her parents are of pretty advanced age. I am an only child myself and I know how difficult things get, juggling between both the homes and trying to pay attention to both. Just as she was getting settled into her new life, a tragedy struck their family. Her father was diagnosed with abdominal cancer and that too at a pretty late stage. It is pretty natural that such diseases take a much greater toll on the family than the affected him/herself. And her case was not any different. Her mother, husband and in-laws were all deeply affected by this incident. Her father underwent a prolonged phase of medical treatment and she with the rest of the family stood steadfast by his side. Sadly his ailment got the better of him. She was or should I rather say is pretty deeply affected with his demise. All through this harrowing and nerve wrecking phase of her life, I have seen and known her as one of the most cheerful and lively people I have ever met. She came into our family not more than two years ago and it didn’t take her long to make us her own. She is witty, funny and remembers roads and landmarks very well, very unlike me. Its takes extraordinary amount of courage to accept a loss and soldier on and hold everyone together at the same time. I salute her for her heart and her warmth, and I am happy to have her as my sister.

Coming back to the look breakdown, we decided to keep her look simple. She chose to wear a simple blue pink Jamdani saree for the Panchami Evening Look. These kind of Jamdani sarees, other than looking extremely beautiful, are incredibly soft, flowy and makes Pandal hopping a breeze.

She chose to wear light fabric jewelry complimenting her saree. Her makeup was simple too. Colored eye liners are amazing if you want to perk up your look in minutes; hence a thin stroke of blue eye liner on the upper lash line was what she needed to amp her eye makeup game. Finally she added a dash of black kajal on lower lash line, some mascara and a pink lipstick to round off the look. You can completely skip the black kajal and go with just colored liners.

Thats us during the shoot. 

If you are going for long hours of pandal hoping I would suggest you to go extremely light with the makeup, for obvious reasons. And don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated. I’ll see you tomorrow with another post, with another beautiful woman. Till then, tata. 

And Ohh...!! That's my Durga today with her world beside her.
 "World", the word says it all. 


  1. Beautifully penned down Maddy!

  2. Beautiful she looks. And love what you wrote.

  3. What a wonderful young lady. She is not only beautiful but it sounds like she has a beautiful heart.

  4. This is a great addition to your blog. She looks fabulous

  5. The eyeliner was the perfect touch to coordinate with her saree!

  6. that is a beautiful saree! I've never seen a design like that.

  7. What a sweet post! I love everthing about it and you are both beautiful!

  8. Your friend is very beautiful and radiates a joy from within, which I'm sure helped her thru her sorrows. Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute to her.


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