Shubho Mahalaya: Durga Puja Special Looks and Adda

Shubho Mahalaya everyone,

No, I was not rolling over and trying to play dead for the last few months. I was in actually extremely caught up with different things which forced me to keep away from writing. I am sorry for being away for so long and a big thank you to all the readers who noticed my absence and pinged me personally and asked how I was. I was going through a bit of difficulty and really couldn’t make time, but after much deliberation regarding what my comeback post should be, I figured that Durga Puja would invariably be the best.

When I was thinking of penning down Durga Puja blog posts and was pondering over what Durga Puja special looks I can create for my readers, it suddenly dawned upon me, why not celebrate the strong, willed women I have in my life, who are no less than Durga themselves. After all Durga Puja is all about honoring the powerful female force and celebrating her victory over the evil. Isn’t so? These women, whom I am featuring on my blog over the next few days, are incredible in their own special ways.

This series is going to be tributes to the women in my life, who add color to my world and without whom my life is incomplete. Being around these girls is so wholesome and fulfilling. Whatever I am today is because of my pride, who have my back, and my front, and my sides, and my soul, and my spirit and my heart. Always. They are strong and stand firm through every storm. The grace and warmth that flows through and the strength that reflects in each one’s eyes…it is an amazing celebration of life is an amazing celebration of Durga Puja in itself.

I am planning to post the looks a day before the actual days. Like the Panchami look will be posted on Chaturthi, the Shasthi look will be posted on Panchami, and so on. The looks that my women will be sporting are incredibly simple, yet sassy. You can recreate the looks with things you already have in your wardrobe. 

The looks will be simple. There won’t be any excessively edited pictures, no fake smiles. Just few strong women, their journey, their story and their real self.

Here’s to true female bonding.

P.C. Indrayudh Dey

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