Subho Maha Sasthi: Durga Pujo Look and Adda

I believe there are two kinds of people, one who shatters into pieces when hit by the blows thrown by life and the other kind who gently collects the broken pieces, hold them together and sculpt herself/himself into the finest pieces of art.
Life is both kind and giving as well as very cruel and devastating in its own ways. When it is good, all good things rain cats and dogs; when it is not you can see the biggest drought of good times. And yet it is these uncertain and unforeseen ebbs and tides that shape us, that condition us and make us into the men and women we ultimately become. Many succumb to the pressure, many become proud of their accomplishments, many become overzealous with the opportunities that come their way. There remain only a few that enjoy the happiness suck in the sorrow and humbly embrace things as they are. I am certain that my model today has been one such and will continue to be so.

We have known each other for the past couple of years. I was searching for writers to help me with my travel blog Tickets and Earphones and she was recommended by a friend. She did pen a few posts but by then she was not just a writer to me, she had already become the sixth wheel in our family, and I am glad she did.

When we were school goers all we could think of were vacation and holidays. Be it respite from homework, special holiday dishes or just more playtime, these were the oasis to the vast desert that school was. So when a holiday brings with it a tragedy, a loss, it becomes even more intense and nerve wrecking. I have my mine and so does she. As if this was not enough, she was diagnosed with a heart condition and had to undergo surgery. She needed to have a pace maker installed to help her heart function. (Although we later found out that the dumb technicians had turned off a critical feature of the device…which is thankfully now on). I have seen how much pain she endures just to get her device checked from time to time. And yet through all this she continues to teach her class and undertake her other duties with grace and poise.

Swati is fond of subtle makeup and moreover, most of us are working on Shasthi today and hence we narrowed down to a look that you can easily sport to office and also to the Puja Pandals. 

We opted for a traditional Tant saree for the first look. Tant sarees are traditional Bengali sarees and I believe any Bengali festival is incomplete without them.
You can also go for Handloom cotton sarees. They are soft, light and very comfortable to drape.

For makeup, you can go for a tinge of color on eyes in your favorite shades, like Swati did.

If you want to stick to traditional black, yet want to add some oomph to the look, then just wing the liner out. Wing liners look so alluring and sultry when done right.

I have always been drawn to strong people, from every genre and from every age group, people who move mountains and push boundaries. I keep falling in love with this woman, I keep falling in love with her courage, with her fire. I am so glad she came into our life, like a breath of fresh air.

By the way, Swati got engaged just two days back. Wishing these two madcaps lifelong happiness. 


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