Diwali 2018 : Makeup Breakdown and How to Wear Saree with a Twist

Hello everyone,
In India festivities are as much about lights, colors, new clothes, food and all the other pomp and shows as much as it is about spending time with near and dear ones. Since I can remember the pujas meant visits to ‘mama’r bari’, having food outings with dadas and didis and much more. It is not just the festivities for us, its festivities with family, and through all the bright colors we use during our festivals, it just conveys the happiness within us.
Amongst all the other festivals, for us Bengalis’, Durgapuja and Diwali occupy the most special place in our hearts. I always try to do something special for these days and thanks to my readers that they keep egging me on such occasions. 

Starting today’s post, first I would like to thank you all for loving my last Diwali Look. (You can click HERE if you missed it) and as promised, today I am back with another one. This is again a requested post where a reader, Swatilekha Banerjee had asked me to do a gold toned makeup. I love makeup that has gold tinge to it, goes very well with our Indian skin tone and screams festivity.

So without wasting any time further, lets get into the details… My niece named the look, "Beautiful "Pipi" woman in Red Saree" .. Pipi is aunt in bengali :D


Eye Makeup:-

I went for simple gold smoky eyes. No cut crease, no halo; just plain and simple golden smoky eyes. There was a time when this used to be my go to festive look. Looks stunning, is super duper easy to create and is immensely flattering on our Indian skin tone. I was about to apply the kajal on lower lash line when it donned, how about adding a dash of color on the lower lash line?! That’s what I did and it took the whole look to a completely different level. A colored liner can really amp up your look in seconds.
So lets go through the eye makeup tutorial.

Prep your eyes and groom your brows. Apply a skin colored eye shadow/ loose powder on your lids and brow bone so that there are no oil residue.
Start by applying a wash of reddish brown eye shadow on the crease.
Now take a matte black eye shadow and apply on the outer corners of eyes. Blend and buff well so that there are no harsh lines in between the colors.
Once everything is nice and blended, pat the gold eye shadow on the inner corner and center of the lid. Buff again so that the colors blend well into each other. Make sure you don’t over blend so that the colors move from their actual places and barge in other colors’ territory.
once everything is nice and blended take your gel/liquid liner and draw a wing. I am not comfortable in dramatic wings, hence baby wings for me. (This step is optional.)
Taking a matte green liner/eye shadow line the lower lash line. (I lined with a green liner first, but wasn’t happy with the shade of green, so took a green eye shadow of my choice and smudged the liner with it)
Highlight your brow bone.
Apply loads of mascara to round off the look. You can wear false lashes as well.

Base Makeup:-
For every detail on base makeup you can click HERE. Everything is same. 

I went for nude lips, but red lips would also look amazing with the look. My lipcolor is Strip from Colorpop.

Open hair as usual… My hair has its own life and they make me feel most comfortable when they are open. What is life if your hair doesn’t dominate you?

After the Anarkali, this has to be a saree. I am totally a saree person. Saree feels like home to me, that’s what I feel comfortable in. Recently I got a saree from the house of Sringar. It is a beautiful tomato red soft silk saree with green and rich gold border and a green pallu. I love wearing saree in traditional way with open pallu, but this time I wanted to do something different and add some interesting twists and hence went for “Dhoti Style” instead. It was rather difficult with this saree due to the softness and utter smooth silky texture, but I was adamant. After a lot of struggle I could manage to drape it.

Wear your blouse and stockings (instead of petticoat). Now drape the saree around your waist keeping around 1.5m to your left (the non pallu side) and the rest on your right. Pin the section on the center keeping the right section over the left. Now take the left section and start pleating the vertically, like you would do on pallu. Take that from between the legs and tuck it on the back. Make sure you have nice pleats and the border is showing. Now pleat the pallu, take it from your left, going around your back to your right and then to front tossing it over your left shoulder. Pin the pleats well. Do pleats on the back portion as well so s should be visible on the hips. If there are portions left on the front, pleat them up and tuck on the middle.
The key of this look is to keep all the pleats neat and crisp. It sounds a bit complicated, but is actually pretty easy to do. You can follow this link for the video tutorial. Also you can click HERE to learn other unconventional ways of wearing sarees.
I paired the saree with a green blouse.

Just a big gold jhumka and a pair of gold bangles along with my sankha pola.

That sums up my look. Hope you like it and find it useful as well. Tag me if you recreate. 

Lastly, I would like to wish all of you a very Happy and safe Diwali. Stay safe and also pledge a safer world for all the friends who can’t speak up, but die or transfer into state of shock due to the sound of crackers. The thousands of birds, dogs and other animals, they need us. Lets pledge for a cracker and sound free Diwali. 

Happy Diwali ..


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