5 Unusual and Different Ways to Wear a Saree

Six yards of sheer elegance and sensuality, saree is absolute love. We all know how to wear the saree in usual, formal style. Yeah..!! I mean "we know" doesn't mean "we can" :P 

But it’s always  great to spice up looks. Isn't? Adding some interesting twists to your saree-draping style can amp up your look while still being comfy; and you can achieve these looks without spending too much time, effort and money.
With onset of wedding season, we bring you 5 different ways by which you can drape your sari; timeless classic Indian sarees in contemporary styles. So all the ladies, it is time to dress up and come up in style.
Also introducing the very pretty Koeli Moulik on our blog today. Can't thank her enough for being my model :)

Saree with Jeans:-
Saree with Jeans? You must be thinking that I have gone mad. But trust me, it looks uber cool and chic. This is a combination I absolutely love. It is an eclectic mixture of traditional and contemporary style. Just wear your favorite pair of blouse and jeans. Now take the inner end of the saree and make around 7-8 pleats. Now tuck the pleated part in the center. Tuck the part of the flowing saree on your left. Pick the other end of the saree and make pallu pleats. Now from behind, take it all the way to your right, then to your front and place it over the left shoulder, just the way you would normally do. Pin the pallu. Note that the number of pleats you have tucked in depends on the length of the pallu you want to flaunt. The shorter the pallu, the more are the number of pleats and vice versa.

Dhoti style Saree:-
A style made famous by Sonam Kapoor, this looks beautiful when worn the right way. Wear blouse and stockings. Now drape the sari around your waist leaving about 1.5 meters to the non pallu end. Pin the two sections on the middle keeping the right section over the left. Take the pallu from your left, going around your back to your right and then to front tossing it over your left shoulder. Pin the pleats. Do the pallu pleats on the back portion as well. Secure with pins if necessary. The pleats should be visible on the hips. Pin the part on the centre with the saree. Now take the inner 1.5m part and pleat the end (just the way you do on pallu). Secure with pin. Now take it in between your legs and tuck into the back. Keep all the pleats neat and crisp. It sounds a bit complicated, but is actually pretty easy to do.

Saree with Kurti:-
This is one of my current favorites. Pair your saree with a complementing kurti, wear some junk jewelry and you are ready for the party. Go for printed kurtis if your saree is plain and simple and vice versa. Just make sure the kurti is decently fitted.

Saree with Belt:-
add dimension and shape to your dresses. Do you know you can wear belts with sarees too? By wearing a saree and then a belt wrapped around your waist, you will look fabulous, different and garner oodles of compliments.

The pagari way:-
The pagari or the traditional Indian turban goes pretty well with our 9yards. First tie the pagri on your end. I have used a dupatta here. Hold one end of the dupatta in your mouth and start twisting it. Now wrap it around your head so that it covers your head and upper part of the ear. Now tuck both the ends. You can pull out 1-2 strands of hair if you want. As for the saree I wear it the formal way, but instead of taking the pallu back, I keep it flowing it the front like dupatta.

So that’s it. These are my favorite ways of draping saree. I am experimenting with a few more and will come up with those soon.
Let me know which one you liked the most. Is there any other way of saree draping which you want to share? Shoot at madhu.9615@gmail.com 


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