Best of MINISO HOWRAH, at a stone's throw distance from KOLKATA

If still not in Kolkata, Miniso, the quirky beauty and lifestyle brand from Japan has arrived near the city of joy in Howrah few days back. My first encounter with this brand was back in 2015. I was on a work trip in Shanghai, China and one evening while roaming around West Nanjing Road I just randomly entered their store and ohh! Boy!!.. I was absolutely stunned; such amazing stuff and available at such awesome prices. I don’t remember anything that I saw being above 500 rupees (after calculating the exchange rate, obviously). In fact most of their products were within Rs.200. From makeup and beauty items to skin and hair care products, from funky fashion accessories to stylish bags and shoes, from gadgets to other amazing electronic devices, from household items to books, diaries and pens, the store was jam packed with such cute, funky and quirky stuff. I absolutely loved the brand. So when Miniso opened their store in our vicinity, I was beyond elated.

Listed below are those that I feel are best from the array of products from Miniso Land. Lets have a look :D

I am a fan of their of their skin and hair care range. You name it, they have it. From face wash, face mask, toner to creams, serums and luxurious facial oils. From exotic hand creams to very effective foot creams, their skin care range covers each and everything you can imagine. Their fragrances and makeup range is equally alluring. Lipsticks, lip pencils, chubby sticks, brow products, kohl, shadow, compact, loose powder, bb cream, foundation, they have everything. The store in Howrah, as just newly opened, doesn’t have a lot of stock, but has promised to bring more soon. Price: 150-600 INR approx.

Sunglasses. I am a fan of Miniso Sunglasses. They are so cute, of amazing quality and don’t burn holes in pockets. The range starts from 290 INR and goes up till 690 INR.
BAGS.  Miniso houses cute, girly hand bags, purses, coin bags, wallets, casual backpacks. Starting from 190 INR the prices go till 1000 INR.

You can check their range of makeup and grooming tools; makeup brushes, hair brushes, sponges, puffs, razor, face cleaning brushes, etc. I wanted to buy their silicon brush, but forgot to add it to the cart. Price ranges from 190 INR to 800 INR approx.

Sandals. Currently Miniso Howrah only sells flip flops. Priced at 450 INR +, though cute, I find these a little expensive.

This is where my husband straight heads and stays glued to. From sexy looking cutlery to trendy glassware and novelties, from utensils to other kitchen articles, like kitchen gloves and wipes, they have a huge variety of everything.
Price- Starts from 200 INR. The mugs and wine glasses are priced in between 200-300 INR. Other items are priced higher.

Neck Pillows. Cute, adorable and utterly butterly soft neck pillows, priced at 490 INR. You can also check this section for power bank, funky USB cables and headphones and ohh yes, hair dryer. The hair dryer is priced at 790 INR here. I got mine at 600 INR from MINISO China.

You can check this section for cute looking pens, diaries, decorative tapes, etc.

A makeup mirror, an acrylic storage box, a hand cream, a facial foam cleanser, a loose setting powder, a some home ware, glassware and of course, a sunglass. Apart from what I purchased here, I already have quite a few of the other items that I bought from Miniso China, hence skipped buying here.

Where is Miniso, Howrah located:-
Obviously in Howrah, at Avani Riverside Mall, just beside Health Glow and Big Bazaar. 

Contact Number:

Every time I visit a Miniso store around the globe, I never come out empty handed. So, if you are a sucker for everything cute and funky like me, then this is where you should head. I am using their products for three years now and can vouch for their quality. Just that I feel their prices in India are higher than what I have seen in China. Also I wish they stock more products and better variety of products, just like they do in China. Overall, I am just beyond happy with their store launch in Howrah and waiting for their grand opening of Kolkata store, which is going to happen soon.


  1. OMG, I would go nuts in that store and buy waaaay too much, lol!!!! It looks amazing!

  2. Oh my! Such wonderful goodies! I would take away such a huge bag too!

  3. Looks like a great store to explore!

  4. This looks like a shopping wonderland. How much fun it would be to shop there.

  5. Dangerous for me to go inside there, I'd go broke lol

  6. That’s a dangerous store! Looks similar to TJMaxx or Burlington.

  7. I couldn’t be trusted in a store like that! I would buy so much stuff

  8. That looks like such a nice store!

  9. Wow they basically sell everything at this store!

  10. Wow!!! That is an insane selection! i would go nuts in there!

  11. Wowza, they have just about anything there! That’s geeat!!

  12. Very sweet. Never Knew Howrah is so colorful. Happy to have a store like this. Visiting soon!

  13. Hey do u have any idea whether they have sponge there too? And what's the price plz


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