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Hello wonderful women,
Today I am here with a review of a product from a Japanese brand, Miniso. My first encounter with Miniso was way back in 2015. From then I am using their products on and off. Recently I got quite a few goodies from the brand and being a Miniso Japan fan, I am excited beyond words. Miniso has recently opened their store in Avani Riverside Mall, Howrah, just few minutes from Kolkata, so great news for people who love cute and quirky stuff. You can click the link HERE to see the best products to buy from Miniso Howrah.

Coming back to today’s post, today on our review table we have Miniso Lemon Scrub. This is a long pending post and I have actually finished the tube a few months back. So without wasting any time, lets get into the nitty gritty details.

Most of their ‘claims’ are written in Japanese and a little in Chinese. What I could decipher is that it is jam packed with lemon essence with other vital ingredients that gives you clear, glowing skin by scrubbing off dead skin without ripping off the essential moisture.

10RMB, equivalent to 100INR approx.

The product comes in a no-fuss plastic squeeze-tube with a flip-flop cap. The top shuts well so there is no fear of leakage even during travel.

The scrub is a clear jelly devoid of any granules. It has a silky texture and you will be able to feel that once you start spreading it over the skin.

Squeeze 1-2 pea-sized amount of the scrub on your palm and dot it over your face and neck.
Start massaging the product gently with your fingers, spreading it uniformly all over your face and neck.
Within a few seconds you will see white particles crumbling over your skin; those are your dead skin.
Wash with plain water and pat dry.

Do a patch test before using it on your face.
Start with small quantity and increase only if truly required. But don’t exceed 2 pea-sized amounts.
Don’t use on the skin around eyes.
This will give a mild tingling sensation. Stop using it you find it uncomfortable.
Don’t keep it on your skin over 2-3 minutes.

The first time I squeezed this product out of the tube, I got disappointed. There were no granules and I always thought that scrubs are meant to have tiny granules to exfoliate well. How come this will even work on someone’s skin? I tagged it as a bad buy and with zero hope I started applying it on my face. Within a few seconds white tissue like particles started coming off on the surface of my skin. It was tingling as well. I literally got frightened thinking that the product has gone bad and I have used a stale thing on my face. I washed off immediately fearing reactions. But oh my God, my skin felt so soft. That’s when I took time and actually read the directions of use and then laughed so hard at my own stupidity.
Anyway, from then onward I had enjoyed using this product quite a bit. I used it only once a week and felt that was enough. You can use the scrub twice a week at max.
Though I didn’t notice any change in the appearance of the blackheads, but overall my skin felt incredibly soft and smooth after each use. Sometimes I did feel the need of some added hydration after using it, but it is nothing that a gentle moisturizer couldn’t fix.

Overall, it is a decent product and does its job nicely. It never caused any irritation or broke me out. At such an affordable price, this is indeed a steal. 

Miniso has quite a few variants of this and I hope to try them someday. Currently I am using Innisfree’s Wine Jelly Softner and soon will be reviewing that. Have you used peel scrubs? Or peeling face washes? Which is your favorite? Let us know ...


  1. Oh, no granules! I love chemical exfoliators. I want this!! I don't recall seeing this Japanese brand at H-Mart, the Korean megastore that carries a lot of Japanese personal care products. I will look for Miniso on ASOS

  2. It's been ages since I've used something like this!

  3. Boscia has a product like this and I swear that it’s just the product pilling on itself.. not actual skin! Do you think yours is really the skin being exfoliated?

  4. I've never tried chemical exfoliators! This sounds cool, but a little scary too. I've never tried any overseas skin care products. I want to change that.

  5. Interesting products. There aren't any Asian markets near me to go look.

  6. I prefer acid type exfoliation over granules. I would like this one!

  7. This sounds intriguing but seems way too harsh for my skin

  8. Thats so interesting I've never seen a clear on like that either!

  9. I would expect a scrub to have granules too. My skin does so much better with natural exfoliators.

  10. These pilling scrubs are so magical! I just love watching all the dead skin roll off in flakes :)


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