When I was small and papa used to bring me new brushes, the 'new brush fever' would last for days. I would play with them whole day, dipping in colours, splashing on the canvas. All grown up now, things haven't changed much. I still become a 3 year old kid whenever a new brush arrives.

Few days back, I received a “CHEEK CONTOUR AND POWDER” BRUSH from Anamika, which is a new launch by WISESHE. Anamika, the women behind Wiseshe, one of India’s top beauty blogs, launched her own line of makeup tools with a set of oval brushes last year, which were loved and became widely popular and now it is time for the Cheek Contour and Powder brush.

As many of you know, I started my career in blogging as a writer with WISESHE. It was on my birthday in June 2013 that my first article got published and since then there was no looking back. Anamika and Wiseshe members have stood by me through my thick and thin. So this brush and the post, both are very close to my heart.
Bear with me as it is a long one and with plenty of pictures.

First, lets see what Anamika has to say about her baby:-

WISESHE CHEEK, CONTOUR & POWDER BRUSH is made of synthetic bristles. Great for natural look, light medium coverage & more precise application. The brush is designed in a way, it can be used for both cream and powder products.”



The brush comes in a chic, slender box which itself is very sturdy and protects the brush from any outside damages and dust. The velvet cushion which is inside the box, besides looking sophisticated and sexy, provides more protection to the brush and makes sure that the bristles don’t take any hit even while travelling. 

Coming to the brush, the brush looks and feels ‘oh so amazing’. It is designed ergonomically, is light weight, handy and the spherically wound down handle is perfect, making it easy to work with even in a hurry.

But you know what the best part is? It is the feel of the brush on my cheeks, just like a gentle caress of the cool wind on a hot sultry day, like the first rays of sun tickling you on a lovely spring morning. Wow...I am quite a poet today.

Anyway, coming back to the real world, the brush is so luxuriously soft; I wonder if I have ever used a brush which feels as soft as this. The bristles are made of synthetic hair, are really fine and densely packed. The problem I have faced before with synthetic brushes is that they have this weird, nylon’y kind of feel to them and tend to become hard, scratchy and pokey after a while. But, this feels so beautiful. I just can’t stop swirling this on my cheeks. Also, I love how the tapered edges help me to go into the nooks and creases of my face and also aid in precise color application.

This brush can supposedly work with both powder and cream products.

Powder based products:-Being a big fluffy brush, it does its job as a powder brush amazingly well. The tapered shape of the bristles makes it easy for me to apply powder under my eyes and at the same time the fluffy part helps to dust the powder all over my face, set the base and even out the look. I find this absolutely perfect to apply blush, to do contouring and sweeping highlight along the cheekbones and on other high points of the face as well.

Cream Based Products:- Fluffy brushes to blend cream based makeup? I was apprehensive. But oh boy, I was super impressed. Yes, it needed a little effort, but the finish it gave was absolutely brilliant. I used a heavy cream foundation. At first it felt streaky but I continued to blend and soon the products melted well into my skin. The soft, fluffy bristles buffed away everything to give way to a smooth, even canvas. My base looked more natural and had a lovely ‘airbrush’ finish.

I personally love using this with powder products, like to set my makeup, add warmth to my face, and blend out any harsh edges as it gives a sheerer, diffused application that isn’t heavy or appears cakey. I find that this combination of tapping and buffing motions work well in achieving a super flawless base.

The brush doesn't hold products if buffed well, so it is basically very easy to wash. Just pour some brush cleaner (I use my homemade one) on your palm or brush cleaning pad, and swirl your brush on it. I haven’t experienced any shedding while running my hands through it, nor while or after washing it. It didn't lose the shape either.

Finding a good brush in India is a task. I longed for a good powder brush and thank god I waited for the best and got this beauty. The brush looks so stylish, love the shape , size and the texture of it. You can use it to set makeup by buffing away loose powder and works amazingly well as a blush and contour brush too. Be it powder or cream based products, it picks up the right amount of pigments and blends them beautifully. It 
doesn't absorb much product, but rather allow you to lay down as much product as you picked up, leading to no unnecessary wastage, which i feel is amazing. It doesn't shed as well after washing. I'm so impressed.

At a glance:-
Brand Name and The Woman Behind:- Wiseshe, Anamika Sureka.
Price:- Rs. 700/-. You can buy on Amazon at Rs. 550/-
From Where to buy: Amazon
Things to love: A high quality makeup brush that works amazingly well and is reasonably priced too.

Things to not love: We were made to wait too long for this beauty :P

Would I recommend this brush to others?
Yes, I would definitely recommend this to everyone, especially who are new to the whole makeup scenario and don’t want to shell out large amount of money in buying different brushes. This could definitely be your one brush solution for your base.

5/5. This is a winner..  :)

So have you used this or any other Wiseshe brushes? Let us know in the comments J

P.S. I know I was approached by the brand for reviewing this product, I know I love Wiseshe and Anamika, but this review is 100% genuine and unbiased. Give the brush a try, you will understand. 


  1. Thank you Madhu..I have been waiting to get online and read the post ..Infact i have read it 2-3 times because I actually feel same about the brush ..

    And your pics are just too amazing..<3..

  2. That brush is so pretty!!! I love the texture of the handle, would help my clumsy butt hold on to it! lol!

  3. This is a very cool brush! I like the look and versatility of it.

  4. So nice that it's beautiful as well as functional!

  5. It looks like a nice brush and yay for easy to clean!

  6. That brush is absolutely gorgeous! And that Ben Nye blush palette caught my eye, too!

  7. The brush looks so awesome and fluffy!


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