TS Cosmetics 3D Mink Eyelashes Adebel, Blinkex, Lash Me and Isabis Review

We all dream of fluttery, bambi-level eye lashes. Don’t we? And to fulfill our dreams, the market is filled with varieties of false lashes, from wispy to full-on-drama, from synthetic to mink lashes, you name it and you could have it. Recently, mink lashes have taken the beauty world with their ‘more-realistic’ and ‘more-comfortable’ approaches. Yes, they are supposed to be more comfortable, lighter, fluffier, realistic, natural looking and yes, a lot expensive than regular synthetic lashes. 

So when I saw an Indie brand making their own mink lashes that too at a really affordable price tag, I couldn't stop myself from ordering a few. 

And today after using them for quite a few times, I am finally here with the review. So presenting TS COSMETICS 3D MINK LASHES…

About the BRAND:-
TS Cosmetics
is a Lucknow, India based brand founded by Miss Tabassum Saher. The brand provides amazing quality products at affordable price tags.

WHAT the BRAND says about their
100% mink eyelashes. 100% cruelty free
People will stare make it worth their while
3d intense fluff eyelashes

INR 1,050.00. I got them for INR 330 when they were first launched in August end last year. 

Where to Buy From?
From TS Cosmetics Instagram Page and Website.

Each pair of lashes comes housed in a round plastic case with a transparent lid. The brand and shade names are mentioned on a card kept inside the case. The case though looks and feels very sturdy, is actually quite fragile and the lid of 2 cases already off when they were sent to me.

MY EXPERIENCE WITH TS Cosmetics Mink Eyelashes:-

Fortunately I am blessed with naturally long, curled lashes and I don’t really need falsies that much. I just wear them during shoots for that extra drama or in weddings or events where I wear them just because I want to wear them. Yet, I have tons of them and keep buying even more. Also, being a professional makeup artist, I have to buy lashes for my clients and thus I keep looking for and experimenting with different varieties from different brands.

Talking about these, ohh my God, these are the most dramatic eye lashes I have ever used on myself or anybody else. They are incredibly long, voluminous and fluttery. All of the four lashes are so glamorous, full and dramatic and definitely not for the faint-hearted people. The lashes always hog the limelight and become the centre of attention, because they're stunning and dramatic.

But, you need a strong lash adhesive for this one. They have really thick bands, which if not properly glued, keeps lifting up from the corners. Being thick bands, sometimes it becomes really hard to maneuver the lash band into precisely where you want it. You have to apply a thick layer of glue, wait for a while and then keep it pressed on the lash line till the glue dries up fully. A little here and there and they will just fall right off.
Being so full and long, these feel a little uncomfortable for the first few minutes. But once you get the hang of it, it won’t matter much.
The ones I got are Lash Me, Isabis, Blinkex and Adebel. The one I love the most is ‘Lash Me’, the most wearable of the lot. 

I just use tweezers or fingers to peel off the left over dried glue. I don’t use water to clean. If I feel that my falsies have become loaded with mascara and glue and it is no longer possible to just peel them off, I soak a cotton ball in micellar water and keep it on the lash for a few seconds. The micellar water loosens the mascara and glue. Then I slowly wipe the lashes off any residue. I dab with a tissue to soak excess and let them dry naturally.

WHY YOU SHOULD BUY THEM and Why you should not!
These are extremely long, fluttery and ultra voluminous and thus, if you are looking for a show-stopping look and are comfortable with full on , heavy lashes, then you can definitely try these. But, if you are a first timer, someone who is trying to ease out in the world of lashes or someone who is fan of natural looking falsies, then these are not for you.

My Final Thoughts!
These are super glamorous, fluttery, full and way beyond my comfort level. No, by this I don’t mean that they feel extremely uncomfortable; just that they are huge and just look too big on my eyes. I don’t have much space between my eyes and brows and I feel these don’t really look good on me. I generally use them for professional shoots. Fashion shoots often call for extra drama and these scream ‘drama’. But again, seeing the current price, I doubt if I will ever buy anymore from the brand. HUDA Beauty lashes are available almost at similar prices, Kingdom of Lashes and Glowmiere Lashes are available at much lesser rates and quality wise these 3 brands are way better, so I would naturally incline towards those. These are no wonder good, but not worth Rs. 1050. The price hike is unbelievable. Had it been somewhere between INR 500-700, it would still have seemed fine.

I can stare at these forever... :D

Do you wear false lashes? Which one is your favorite brand of falsies? Have you used TS Cosmetics 3D Mink Lashes? Let us know :)

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