TS Cosmetics Pressed Glitters Review, Swatches and EOTD

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We all know how difficult it is to find good glitter eye shadows in India. The imported ones are way too costly and moreover are easily not available. Few cheaper ones which we get on Amazon or Flipkart are duds. I am not very fond of glitters, but there are phases in my life where I just want it to rain glitters. During one such phase, in my quest to find the perfect glitter eye shadow in India, I bumped into an Instagram store, TS Cosmetics, who sell pressed glitters at an amazingly low price. I saw many fellow beauty bloggers raving and thus felt intrigued and ordered 8 of them. Later 4 were added as I received them as freebies with my second order and thus I’ll be reviewing 12 of them today.

Lets get into the nitty-gritty details…

About the brand:-
TS Cosmetics
is a Lucknow, India based brand founded by Miss Tabassum Saher. The brand provides amazing quality products at affordable price tags.

What she says about her Pressed glitters:-
Requires no glue and have the special formula ‘no mess no fall’. Just use your finger or brush to dip into the product and then illuminate your eye look by tapping or sliding the product to your lid. 

PRICE and Quantity:
Rs 300 for 8gms in each pot. It was Rs. 110 each when I first bought them.

Where to Buy From?

From TS Cosmetics Instagram Page and Website.

ROSEHIP OIL, carnauba wax, Dimethicone, cyclopentasiloxane, vitamin e, isopropyl alcohol, properly glycol, polysorbate 80, amaze xt, glitter.

The glitters come in a transparent plastic pot with a white stopper and a black lid. The pot further comes housed inside a black box which has all the details mentioned. Considering the price, I feel the packaging is quite good.

She has innumerable number of glitter shades under her wings. You name it, she has it or she can make it. Yes, she even can custom make for you. She did for me. The shades I got are:-


The glitters are very fine and come in a gel base. The consistency is neither too wet, nor too dry. They are oh so incredibly packed with glitters and one swipe gives the absolute perfect coverage. Like all pressed glitters, this too can crumble down when touching your eyelids so you have to be really cautious when playing around with them. Now, the not so good part, it takes like forever to set on my eyes. Not that I have oily lids or so, but it does take time. If you don’t give them their much needed time to set or start packing them more than needed, the glitters will move all over your eye lid, crease, brow bone and eventually to your entire face wreaking havoc. Your face will end up looking like a disco ball. So be patient if you want to have best out of it.

I wear them and just lay on bed keeping my eyes closed for a few minutes. That’s how it works on me. You don’t really need any product to make the glitters stick, but I have tried over glitter glue and with that they obviously don’t crumble down or move.

These pressed glitters are really easy to use. Acoording to me, it works best when you tap the glitter on your lids with your finger. You can apply with brushes as well, but works better with fingers. With brushes  they also have a tendency to crumble down.
Removing them is as much a pain as every freaking glitter on the planet. You can remove most of it with your normal cleanser. But little specks will still remain stuck here and there which are notoriously tough to get rid of and which time can only remove. 

One has to be really careful when using glitters on face, especially on eyes. One speck inside your eye is enough to blind you for life. No, I am not scaring you, but just asking you to be extra cautious. By chance if it gets inside your eye, remove every trace of eye makeup immediately and splash water on your eyes repeatedly. Visit doctor if irritation persists.

Keeping the mess aside, which is quite obvious with any pressed glitters (even cult-favorite glitter injections sometimes are such pain), I like them pretty much. The glitters are not chunky, not gritty and very feel comfortable on lids. Jam packed with glitters, just a light dip of finger tip into it picks up enough products to cover the entire lid. Just pay attention to the amount you using and also give time to set.  That way you won’t be left disappointed.

Special Mention:-
Tabassum Saher, the girl behind all the amazing products, is such a sweetheart. After I finalized my order I asked her bank details and also messaged her my address (the way Instagram shopping works). I was supposed to make the payment the next day which I totally forgot and remembered only after I received the parcel. Yes, she sent the parcel without even receiving the payment. She didn’t know me, it was my first ever order, yet she trusted and sent them to me. No one really does that in today’s world. I will remember this forever. She is very responsive and friendly. Just ping her with any query and she will be there to help.

Now, time for a few eye and lip makeups I created using TS COSMETICS Pressed Glitters ;)

 Do you love using glitter eye shadows? Which ones are your favorites? Have you used TS Cosmetics glitter eye shadows? Let us know :)

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