The Body Shop Strawberry Body Mist Review

Good fragrances are like fresh condiments, they add their very own flavor to your mood. I am a fragrance fanatic and love to collect as many as I possibly can or my pocket would allow, be it a perfume or a body mist. Today I’ll be reviewing one of the recent additions to my body mist collection, the “The Body Shop Strawberry Body Mist”. Subtle fruity fragrances are my absolute favorites and they have this immense power to enliven my mood even when I am at my lowest. And no, this is no exaggeration. 

So without blabbering any further let us get into the review…

The Packaging:-
A simple glass bottle with a spray pump dispenser and a silver cap. As it is a glass bottle, it feels heavy and you have to be really careful carrying and handling this; one slip and its gone. The labeling is simple and pretty. 

Rs. 695.00
for 100 ml. I got it at 50% off during sale.

MY Experience with The Body Shop Strawberry Body Mist:-
When it comes to choosing fragrances, I am very skeptical. I have a sensitive nose and strong fragrances make my head spin..
This is one of the most subtle body mists I have ever used. The strawberry fragrance feels so sweet, very feminine, light and refreshing.  It has no second notes, just true strawberry. It will begin by smelling strawberry and will end by smelling strawberry. Don’t worry, its not overpowering and you won’t smell like a house of strawberry gourmet. The longevity of the mist depends on the weather, your activity level and also how much you sweat. I don’t sweat much. But I generally have to spend the day out in the sun for work and the fragrance lingers for a good 3-4 hours after which it needs layering. When I stay indoors it definitely lasts longer. I love spraying it on my neck, behind ears, on my wrist and a little on my clothes as well. I love how my clothes smell at the end of the day. It doesn’t stain the fabric. The spray dispenser allows only minimum product dispense and it spritz very uniformly. 

Summing Up The LIKES And DISLIKES:-

What I LIKE About Body Shop Strawberry Body Mist:-
  • Iconic TBS strawberry smell
  • Delightful, sweet and feminine
  • Subtle and refreshing 
  • Ultra-fine mist
  • Has a decent staying power
  • Gentle on skin
  • No staining clothes
  • Decently priced
  • Easily available

What I Don’t Like About Body Shop Strawberry Body Mist:-
  • Glass bottle. You have no idea how frightening it is for me. 
  • Not very travel friendly.
Final Thoughts:-
This, though was an impulse buy, has made a permanent place in my heart. It is mild and mood enhancing and a perfect 'pick-me-up' when I want to smell nice, but not too noticeably. This doesn’t feel or smell artificial or give me headaches, but is very pleasant and welcoming. It also prolongs the smell of the body wash, body sorbet and body butter of the same strawberry range products when used together. I just wish it came it plastic bottles, the glass one scares me.
So if you are a fan of Strawberry fragrances and are pro at carrying glass bottles, you can definitely give this a try.

4/5 :)

Which is your favorite body mist? Have you tried any of The Body Shop's mists? Let us know :)


  1. I’ve never regretted an impulse by from The Body Shop!

  2. The pros definitely outweigh the cons. Sounds delightful.

  3. Sounds yummy but something the mosquitoes would eat me for haha

  4. I really love fruity scents over the summer and haven't tried this one yet. Guess I'll have to go to the Body Shop!

  5. good to know it doesn't smell artificial! will sniff it when I go visit their shop

  6. Def not travel friendly but I do love the bottle for home! Its pretty and looks nice! Granted I wouldn't want to be using it over a tile floor!

  7. Yum! I just realized it’s been age since I’ve worn a body mist!

  8. They had a lovely Cherry Blossom body mist and EDT that I loved. I haven't dropped by TBS in ages.

  9. I love TBS fragrances. The glass bottle freaks me out too!

  10. I think I'd really like it. I'm your basic one note scenter, so I'd enjoy it.


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