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As you all know, Nykaa has finally launched KIKO MILANO today. KIKO MILANO is a leading Italian brand that has an amazing range of cosmetics, makeup and skin care products. The brand is known for their exotic beauty products at a drugstore price tag. Sounds pretty alluring. Right?
But, Alas! In India the products are not very cheap. Nevermind, we can always indulge in one or two, once a while.
I have been getting too many enquires about their best sellers.

So without wasting anytime, lets discover the selection of un-missable beauty products from the house of KIKO MILANO


Kiko Milano BLUSHES:-
Starts from INR 790
Beautiful colors, amazing textures and long staying. Blushes were my first ever KIKO purchase and I fell in love at the first swatch. 

Kiko Milano Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow:-
Price:- INR800
Available in 19 stunning colors. One of the best stick eye shadows I ever used. Fabulous colors, creamy texture, easy to apply and settles in gorgeous matte finish. The eye shadows are easily blendable, but as they set relatively quickly you have to smudge them before they get completely dry. Absolute love!

Kiko Milano Full Coverage Concealer
Price:- INR 850.
A heavy-duty concealer that is creamy, non-greasy, easy to apply and blendable and covers scars and marks beautifully. If blended properly, it looks natural and stays put for the entire day. There are 8 shades available in India.
Kiko Milano New Unlimited Stylo Lipsticks:-
Price: INR 1050
I love this range. Stunning colors, creamy texture, glides beautifully, comfortable and polished semi-matte finish (though they look full matte on me), incredibly pigmented and long staying. What more can I ask from a range of lipsticks? But prep your lips well before applying, otherwise they might accentuate dry patches and appear flaky. 

Kiko Milano Water Eyeshadow:-
INR 1050.
This range is again pure love. Expensive, but oh so gorgeous! My favourite is 208 Light Gold. Such a stunning color and amazing texture. You can use it wet or dry, can wear it as an eye shadow and even as a highlighter; a close dupe of  Mac Oh Darling  and Mac Whisper of Guilt highlighter. Their Long Lasting Wet & Dry Use Eyeshadows are good as well.

Kiko Milano Eyebrow Fibers Coloured Mascara:-
INR 800
It does its job of grooming eye brows pretty well. The brows look naturally thicker and more polished and keeps eye brow in place all day. However, only a single shade is available in India right now. Though it will go with Indian skin tone pretty nicely, however, a few more shades won’t hurt. There is a clear eye brow gel, which is amazing too. Check it out HERE.

Kiko Milano Smart Fusion Lip Pencil:-
INR 290
I love this range because of the texture. They are neither too creamy that will break with slightest of pressures, nor are they too hard that will tug your lips and result in uneven application. The texture is so perfect. Beautiful colors, perfect texture, goes on like breeze and well pigmented. The range has some crazy MAC lip liner dupes. For ex, 533 in Kiko is a dupe of MAC Whirl. 

There is an amazing selection of different nail polishes with different finishes. Can be given a try.

Flawless Fusion Powder Bronzer:-
Price: INR 1250
It has a velvety texture with a polished matte finish. The bronzer is sans simmers and gives a very natural sun-kissed look. There is a dearth of good bronzers in India and I am sure this is going to 


Kiko Milano Unlimited Foundation:-
It is supposed to be a hydrating foundation, but it felt so drying, looked cakey and was very hard to blend. Don’t buy without swatching them.

Glow Touch Lips & Cheeks:-
This never worked on me. Excessively drying on lips and weirdly sticky on cheeks. 

Single Color EyeShadows:-
Some of them are too glittery, chunky, some of them are dry, some goes patchy, some of them have crazy fallouts and some have poor pigmentation. It is better to stay away from the range.

I am not a fan of Kiko brushes. They feel hard, pokey and also shed from the first wash.

So if possible, stay away from the above four Mehs.

Hope this post helps you in deciding and finalizing your stuff. Nykaa is also giving a free lipstick worth Rs.390 on purchase of KIKO Milano products worth Rs.899 and above. So hurry. Offer valid till stock lasts… J


  1. Thanks for doing all the leg work of trying these products out. I do not like drying lip product, so I'm glad I know now.

  2. I went through a time where I bought so much Kiko Milano but I haven't used any of it in a while. They have a lip primer I like a lot so I have to find it and bring it out.

  3. I went to kiko store here but overwhelmed so did not buy anything except a mascara and nailpaint.. now i know what i have to buy :P

  4. I love that something can be sticky and drying at the same time, lol.

  5. What a great product roundup! I'm not very familiar with this brand, but you've created a great place to learn more about then.

  6. I've not used this brand but this is a great wrap up of some of there products and very informative!

  7. Never heard of this brand but it sounds awesome!

  8. It's nice to see there were more yay's than meh's. I found your review to be very informative and really enjoyed it,

  9. I really do love Kiko. I also haven’t found too many mehs in their collections.

  10. I really like Kiko, I would probably buy it much more frequently if there are a brick and mortar store close to me. But I agree, some products are amazing and others totally miss the mark.

  11. Kiko has really beautiful packaging!

  12. Thanks for sharing both the good and the bad! Even with brands that are known for good products, there certainly are a few flops in the mix from time to time!

  13. Such a helpful post Madhu! Bookmarking it :) I am planning to buy stick eyeshadow from kiko,let's see!

  14. I keep hearing good things about this brand, but I haven't tried them yet

  15. Wow! That's a lot of coverage!!! I will have to save this for future reference, I hate picking up not so hot products!

  16. I've got some Kiko eyeshadows and loose pigments and like them, even though I've only used them once. I don't remember how dry they were. This isn't a very common brand in the US; someone from Germany sent me mine.

  17. i hear nothing but raves, especially about the water shadows and blushes.


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