GET THE LOOK: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's Cannes 2018 Glitter Wing Liner

I never, in my wildest of dreams, have ever thought that one day I’ll be crushing over Aiswarya Rai. Though considered world’s one of the most beautiful women, she never really wowed me; until in 2014, when she not only wowed me, but the whole world with her dazzling appearance in gold at Cannes Film Festival 2014. From then I eagerly wait for her Cannes appearances and recreating her looks is what I love.
The thing I like most about this woman is that she never shies away from experimenting. She gives a damn to all the raised brows and carries herself like the bombshell that she is. To me, she is the queen of red carpets and I just can’t stop admiring her.
This year, as most of you know, she ‘blew’ everyone’s mind with the stunning butterfly pattern inspired Michael Cinco mermaid gown with a 3-metre train on her first day at the Cannes, complementing the gown she did a glitter winged liner look, owing and slaying the red carpet as always.

Today I am here with an inspired version of this makeup. I wouldn’t say this as an exact recreation. I did little changes to suit myself. Moreover, I was confused about the look, whether she had a subtle smokey or a wash of satiny orange on lids; but the one thing I was sure of was the dramatic ‘sequined’ wing. It stole the show ;)

So let’s begin..


I always do eyes first, so that if there are fallouts, I can easily clean them off. I started by grooming my eyebrows and applying a wash of skin colored eye shadow all over my lid, crease and brow bone to get rid of any oil residue. I took a fluffy brush and applied a wash of warm brown on my crease. Then taking a flat eye shadow brush I patted a satiny warm copper on my lid and then blended it well with the same fluffy brush. I took some dark brown on the fluffy brush and applied it on the outer corners to add a little depth. This step is optional though. I highlighted my brow bone and inner duct area with a shimmery ice gold shade. Now comes the most crucial part of the eye makeup, the wing. Using a black liquid liner I started tracing the wing and then finally filling it out. 

I didn’t go for a bold wing like Aishwarya, however you can always opt for one. After my wings were done I took some lash glue and applied it over the wing. I let the glue dry a little and then started to gently place the blue glitters on it. This is the most annoying step for a impatient person like me. The glitters pissed me off, really. They took years to set; some stuck, some didn’t, some had their own life and moved all over my face. Anyway, after the glitters were set, I moved on to my lower lash line. Lined my waterline with black kohl and with the same fluffy brush dusted some copper eye shadow on my lower lash line. Finally, applied falsies and mascara to finish off my look. 

Cleaned off fallouts, picked and threw the glitters and then applied moisturizer. Then dotted my favorite foundation all over the face and blended well with a wet sponge, this gives a dewy finish. Did subtle correcting and concealing. My foundation is from Cinema Secrets and corrector and concealer are all from Ben Nye

Applied a coral colored blush on the cheeks and also highlighter on my cheek bones and the bridge of nose and a little on my chin. Forgot to contour L
My blush is from Ben Nye Blush Palette and highlighter is Wisp by Colourpop.

A mixture of MAC Lady Danger and NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Kitten Heels.

Well, this is it. This is my version and I was pretty happy with the outcome. But the pictures are not doing justice to the look. My camera has gone mad and it refused to listen to me. No matter what I do and how I set it, it changes into something else. Hence some pictures are too yellow, some too orange, some blurry and the rest weird.. Just like me ;)

Let me know in the comment section what you think about the look. 

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  1. You've created a beautiful look :)

  2. I love your glitter eye look! So pretty and flashy!

  3. She's really beautiful and you are too!!!

  4. Wow! That blue glittery liner makes your eyes pop! Gorgeous recreation!

  5. Stunning. I can't duplicate what I see so I'm really impressed.

  6. YAS GIRL! You totally nailed the look, and it looks amazing on you!

  7. I love the look you created!

  8. Its so pretty! Your makeup always looks fabulous!

  9. I am SO IMPRESSED with those wings!!! I can never get mine even, but yours are so flawless!!

  10. Omg you did so well! I LOVE the glitter wing!

  11. Absolutely gorgeous!! Come do my makeup please!

  12. WOW! I loved her purple dress when I saw it, but had no idea glitter eyeliner was also involved! You nailed that look!

  13. This look is gorgeous and you recreated it perfectly!


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