Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cleansing Oil Review

Cleansing oil, we all know how dear these bottles of magical oils are to us. Whether you are an ardent follower of Korean double cleansing method or just want to melt off the day’s makeup, cleansing oils always come to our rescue.
I have been using ‘cleansing oil’ as a first cleanser for years now and by cleansing oil I mean my homemade ones. But recently, as I have become more conscious about skincare and aware of methods, I thought of getting a ‘proper’ cleansing oil. I have been a fan of Innisfree products and when I saw it on Nykaa at a whopping 50% off, I didn’t think twice before adding it to the cart…
So without any further ado, lets get into the nitty gritty details…

It comes in a green translucent bottle with a pump dispenser. The advantage of being a semi-transparent bottle is that you can easily see the quantity of product left. There is also a pump dispenser guard or stopper which provides spill-free travel. You can toss it in your hand bag without any fear.

Nykaa, Innisfree website and Innsifree stores across the country.

Rs. 1,400/- for 150ml. I got it for Rs. 700 during discount. 

As I said, I got into double cleansing and was looking for a gentle first cleanser. Double cleansing is simple yet very effective, especially if you have makeup on.
Double cleansing has been an indispensible part of my life. It has really made a difference and helped in making my skin clearer, healthier and more radiant. And to double cleanse, an oil based cleanser is needed as your first cleanser. In my quest to find the perfect oil-cleanser, I bumped into this.

I just dispense 1-2 pumps of it on my palm and then spread it across my dry face. I allow it to sit on my skin for about 2 minutes and then gently start massaging. Once I feel that the makeup has loosened, I wet my hands and massage again. Then I rinse up thoroughly and proceed with a gentle foam cleanser. 

It is an emulsifying, oil-based cleanser which intends to loosen and melt off your makeup, dirt and grime.  The product is non-sticky, runny, silky oil which will emulsify into a thin, milky lather upon coming in contact with water. The oil spreads easily and lubricates enough which means that you don’t have to put a lot of effort rubbing and spreading it. It has a crisp, refreshing fragrance which I love.
It beautifully breaks up and loosens makeup, even the waterproof ones. 

See above, these are swatches of few of my most ‘removal-resistant’ makeup products and the oil took off almost all the makeup. The black eye liner which survived till last is a crazily stubborn one. No makeup remover till date has been able to wipe it off fully without effort. Thus I don’t even consider it as a part of the competition, yet was eager to see how this one works on it. Well, it needed a little effort but was removed.
Neither does the product leave any oil residue (even if I don’t foam cleanse afterwards), nor does it strip off the essential moisture from my skin. Basically an amazing product which is gentle on your skin and provides balanced moisturisation, just what we all need. It didn’t clog pores, cause any irritation, allergy or breakouts, instead leaves skin soft and supple.

The product contains only 0.01% green tea extract. That’s cheating :P
Also it stings eyes. Be careful.

I am not a person who is into crazy-notorious-stubborn waterproof makeup and thus I love how easily and efficiently this product melts off everything, removes all the dirt and leaves skin squeaky clean and refreshed. So if you are a person who is into normal-wear makeup, this is going to work beautifully on you. If you wear waterproof makeup, you will just have to spend a little more time rubbing and massaging it.
The best part is the fragrance, it is so soothing and feels amazing at the end of the day.

4/5 :)


  1. I actually just started the oil cleansing method. It is amazing how all the make up just melts away, without any harsh scrubbing.

  2. Oil is the best thing for skin! I may avoid this one, because I don't like stinging eyes

  3. Stinging would make me wear aways but the arm swatch removal is great!

  4. I have a love hate relationship with Innisfree. I love their product lines but most of them hate my face. That said, they do have one of my HG cleansers.

  5. I love the bottle and that's a pretty impressive removal process! I will have to check this out, and avoid the eyes!

  6. I'm impressed with it's power to remove all that make up on your arm. I'm bummed that it stings eyes though - I tend to always get some cleansing product in my eyes when removing make up.

  7. Wow, look how great that removed the makeup. Colors like that are really hard to remove. Great product.

  8. I love cleansing oils too though some are better than others.

  9. Wow, I bet this would definitely be helpful for those really stubborn liquid lipsticks!!!

  10. Looks like a really nice product to remove all of the gunk

  11. I love Innisfree, and I love Korean cleansing oils. They're the only thing that takes off my stubborn waterproof mascara!

  12. I like cleansing oils, but I have sensitive eyes so this one would be a no-no for me. I like the packaging and the idea of green tea

  13. Impressive cleaning power but boo to the stinging eyes.

  14. Wow! That is super effective on the makeup!

  15. This product sounds worth trying! You reviewed it very nicely :)

  16. Wow I’m so impressed with how your swatches were removed. Bummed you can’t use it on your eyes though

  17. Oooooh, I may have to snag this! I've been looking into trying oil cleansing along with my other Korean items. I love how well this one works, and I'm glad I don't wear makeup as of late so stinging shouldn't bother me in this case, haha.


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