Burnt Face Halloween Makeup: Tutorial

Hello all,

So Halloween is knocking at the doors and I thought of doing something fun with makeup this time. Many people around the world celebrate Halloween, which occurs annually on October 31. 

This year, my friend is also hosting an exciting party for the youngsters that will be organized to mark the celebration of Halloween. This will be my first time at a Halloween party, I am super excited and planning to scare the hell out of people :P

I guess you all have seen Ayushi’s burnt face makeup a few days back. I was so impressed that I couldn't stop myself from trying that look on me. She looked scarily beautiful, mine is not that good, but it is my first attempt and I can’t stop myself from sharing this look with you all.

So add a swipe of makeup to your fright night festivities with the help of this tutorial...

Step 1:
Apply glue on the places you want to get the burned look.

Step 2:-
Tear tissues in pieces and stick them to the glue.

Step 3:-
Re apply glue and stick more tissues if required. Let it dry a bit.

Step 4:-
Now take a sponge and dab into foundation or concealer. And apply sparingly on the tissue.

Step 5:-
Take a pinkish red lipstick on the sponge and again dab sparingly on the tissue and on the skin around.

Step 6:-
Do the same with a black matte eye shadow. Apply the black eye shadow under eyes as well. I already have such dark circles… :P

Step 7:-
Time for the blood dripping down your cheeks. You can use artificial blood, food color , etc. Ayushi used sindoor. I used red food color.

And you are done :D

The one with contact lens look better I guess!! But they made my eyes water :(

By doing Halloween special makeup, I am in no way insulting the Hindu believes of afterlife and the season of Pitru Paksha. It is just a makeup for mere fun. And also, I can never actually feel the pain of a person who got burned in real. I in no mean want to hurt them through this post. 


  1. Wtf. Scarry u look. Superb makeup I must say..

    1. thanks Manali.. coming up with something interesting tomorrow :D


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