Korres Raspberry Antioxidant Liquid Lipstick Berry 28

Hey my lovely ladies,

Today I’ll be talking about a liquid lipstick from Korres. It is in shade Berry (28). I generally love “solid” lipsticks more than the liquid ones (unless they turn into a matte finish). Because? Most of the ‘non-matte’ liquid lipsticks that I have tried before left me with tacky looking lips. They were sticky and hard to use. So is the Korres one similar? Let’s see…

About the Company:-
For those who don’t know about Korres, it is a Greek company founded in 1996 in Athens by pharmacist Georgios Korres from the island of Naxos. It produces beauty products for women and men, based on natural ingredients and partly on homeopathy.

Company claims:-

Water-based formula for intense colour and long-lasting creamy texture.
Raspberry and Pomegranate extracts provide effective antioxidant action.

I adore the super sleek tube and I really like the doe-foot applicator, it seems soft, plush and cushiony.

Shade and fragrance:-
It is a brightened fuchsia-red. Very bright and bold.
It has a vanilla fragrance and a slight cooling sensation; the sensation is just that minty tingling you would get with any mint-based product.

Water-based liquid lipstick, and thus the formula is pretty thin which it incredibly easy to apply. They’re not sticky, but they do stay wet. They feel more like a really creamy lipstick with a slick of gloss. Lips looked suppler. I think the richness of the color and the glossiness of the formula both contributed to the fuller, smoother looking lips.

The color is absolutely opaque in a single layer. I love the fact that it can be put on in different amounts for different intensities. Like just a dot for reddish berry stained lips, a single swipe for bold looking lips or even more than one swipe for bolder lips.

Staying power:-
2-3 hours until they are gone completely. They always stay wet so there's always the risk of staining things.

What I like about Korres Raspberry Antioxidant Liquid Lipstick Berry 28:-
  • The gorgeous color.
  • The incredible pigmentation. One coat is enough to achieve a vibrant glossy look.
  • Combines the creamy texture of lip gloss with the brilliant intensity of lipstick.
  • The cooling feeling is not a gimmick and I like it. My lips did feel cool for a good 3-4 minutes after wearing it.
  • Creates a suppler looking pout.
  • No disturbing fragrance.
  • Packaging is sleek.
  • Applicator is precise and easy to use.

What I don’t like about Korres Raspberry Antioxidant Liquid Lipstick Berry 28:-
  • They always stay wet so there's always the risk of staining whatever your lips touch.
  • It bleeds, so lip liner is a must.
  • It outlines lips.
  • 21$ is way too much … :O
Final Thoughts:-
I am a lazy person and it really irritates me when I have to check on a mirror often. With this lipstick, I often have to do so to see if it is moving around my lip line and bleeding away. Otherwise, I really liked the color and the non sticky texture of the gloss.
I just apply a few dots on my lips and smack them together. That way it looks much better and keeps my lip well moisturized.
I am down with fever, ignore the messy brows and no makeup look :( 



  1. That is SUCH a pretty color ^_^ Looks lovely on you!!!

  2. This color looks really pretty and it is very disappointing that a 21$ lipstick bleeds. Thanks for the review. :)

    1. welcome... :)
      the color is indeed pretty, but the cons cant be ignored...


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