Homemade Sugar Body Scrub Recipe

Pollution, sun burn, dirt and perspiration turn naturally beautiful skin dry and lifeless. So it is extremely essential to take the right steps at the right time to reduce the damage to your skin. This is why a beauty care regime has become a part of the daily routine of most women.

We often take care of or face, but neglect the rest of the body. We can restore our skin’s natural glow by doing a bit of exfoliation treatment at home in order to remove all the dead cells and even our skin tone. Sugar scrub is the perfect thing to use to exfoliate and repair dry skin. It gently buffs away dead skin cells to leave skin soft and smooth.

So lets get started. It is a great wake-up call for tired skin in the morning and one of my personal favorite body scrub recipes. The natural ingredients present in this recipe will help to restore your skin and make it supple again.

What you will need:-

  • Sugar, I prefer brown sugar, but a basic white sugar would work as well.
  • Honey: a natural antioxidant, ideal moisturizing and cleansing agent.
  • Lemon Juice: helps in reducing skin problems like dark spots, pigmentation, blackheads, pimples, acne and many more.
  • Raw milk: helps in moisturizing the skin and also help it remain soft and elastic.
  • Baking Soda: a natural exfoliant, removes tan too.

Take about four spoons of sugar and add honey, milk and lemon juice. The consistency will be slightly on the runnier side. Then add 1-2 pinch of baking soda. Stir and mix the ingredients together, but make sure that the sugar granules don’t melt.

 Now scrub your body with this mixture. Continue scrubbing in gentle circular motions till the sugar granules melt. Rinse off in the shower.

Don’t use soap and apply dollops of your favorite moisturizer on your skin afterwards.

Though I have a few branded scrubs sitting on my bathroom shelf, but I really hate spending so much money on the scrubs sold in stores. This was cheap to put together and worked great on my skin, skin feels so clean and soft. I have dry body skin and this scrub really helped.

You can use the sugar scrub twice a week. But i would recommend you to skip the baking soda then. Use baking soda only once a month or every 20 days. 

So do you make your own skin polishers at home? Let us know how...

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