No Masala Dahi-Pudina Murg | Chicken in Curd and Mint gravy: Recipe with Step by Step Pictures

This year, the summer is intolerable; it is unbearably hotand it is burning both outside the home and inside. Central and Southern parts of West Bengal are going through the century’s longest heat waves, the irrefutable reality of climate change. And this is only getting worse every year. 

Hot weather like this calls for light spread on the dining table, light sabji, and fish or chicken curries which are full of summer flavors and that won’t give you heartburn or hot flashes. Raw mangoes, lemons especially Gondhoraj Lebu, curd, and mint are a few ingredients that sing summer to me. I love incorporating these in my recipes during these hot and sultry days. 

The chicken recipe that I am sharing today, is one such dish. It is light, flavorful and is perfect for summer lunch or dinner. The best part is, that there were no spices used. I was just pottering around the house, thinking what to do with the chicken that’s sitting on my sink happily defrosting itself when suddenly my eyes got stuck on the overflowing mint bed and I was like, “Sweethearts, you all are going into the curry.” Ultimately, the chicken curry turned out to be quite yummy! Light, a little tangy, and immensely refreshing. We all loved it and I had to share this with you all.


Chicken (cut into desired size and cleaned. I have used chicken on the bone, you can use boneless as well)

Handful of mint leaves

Curd (I love curd and this recipe needs a little extra love, I mean curd.)

Garlic cloves, peeled and minced

Onion, finely chopped

Lime juice

Green Chilies

Salt to taste

Sugar for seasoning


Marinate the chicken with lemon juice and salt for at least 30 minutes.

Heat oil in a pan. Add the chopped garlic and fry till the garlic becomes golden. 

Now add the chopped onions and sauté till they become translucent/golden brown.

Add the chicken pieces and toss on a high flame to seal in the juice.

Add salt and sugar to taste.

Cover and let it simmer cook for about 10 minutes.

In the meantime, blend the curd, mint leaves, and green chilies.

After 10 minutes, uncover the pan and add the curd-mint mix. Stir well and cook it until the chicken is fully cooked. You can add hot water depending on the consistency of the curry that you prefer. I didn’t feel the need to add extra water because, firstly, for this particular dish I preferred medium consistency, something not too thick nor too runny, and as I was using homemade curd which wasn’t too thick, it had already become watery on blending, so there was no need of extra water.

Once the chicken becomes tender and the desired consistency of the gravy is reached, put off the flame and let it sit for around 5-10 minutes. I call this mingling time. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think chicken or any meat tastes better when you let it sit and let the flavors mingle for some time before serving.

So that’s it. The easy-peasy, no masala summer chicken curry. Serve with rice or roti, it tastes equally delicious.

Do try and let us know ..


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