Taira Handicrafts and Handloom

India is known for its vivid cultural heritage. Every region has its own traditional art form that makes them special, making our country beautifully idiosyncratic. West Bengal too has its own artistic diversity and Taira Handicrafts and Handloom brings all that to you under one umbrella.

Taira Handicrafts and Handloom is a new brand that specializes in creating unique and beautiful handicrafts and handloom products. The company is based in West Bengal and has been in business for a few months now. They are dedicated to preserving traditional Indian crafts and promoting the skills of local artisans. Taira aims to bridge the gap between the dexterous handloom weavers and us consumers, with a vision and a strong will to promote India's rich culture and heritage with the world.

Taira Handicrafts and Handloom
houses some of the most beautiful products that depict the true beauty of Bengal art. Each and every product is carefully handcrafted and handpicked. They use eco-friendly materials and techniques to create their products, which include hand woven textiles, handcrafted home décor and fashion accessories. This not only helps to protect the environment but also supports the local community by creating job opportunities for artisans in the longer run.

Let’s go through some of their bestsellers here…

This is my most favorite section of Taira Handicrafts and Handloom. They have one of the finest collection of Kantha work bags. From totes, potlis and clutches to jewelry boxes, bangle boxes and sunglass cases; from subtle pastel colors to brighter and vibrant hues, they have it all. The designs, the shapes, the intricacy of kantha work, the quality of fabric used, the soft cushion padding inside wherever needed and the perfectly stitched cotton lining, attention is paid to every detail.

·       TERRACOTA and BLACK CLAY Jewelry:
These are all made of finest natural clay, 100% handmade, eco-friendly, nontoxic, safe and clean. The designs are to die for, traditional with a touch of modernity.

Want to scribble, doodle or write down your daily notes and thoughts? This is your place. These hardbound notebooks are available in assorted colors and patterns in different sizes. As per the inside story, you have the option to choose from pure handmade and semi handmade sheets and the price varies accordingly. I will undoubtedly go for their diaries whenever the creative child in me will want one.


Fabric jewelry are in trend now. These hand-painted and handcrafted jewelry are perfectly designed to complement your look. They are super light and looks so pretty. Works well as every day wear or for special occasions. Go for them if you want to add a traditional yet a whimsical and chic vibe to your look!


The newest addition to their collection, jewelry boxes handmade with the most premium leather. These boxes are classic example of timeless Santiniketan art. The emboss work on them are truly admirable.

·       KHESH BAGS:
Khesh is a weaving technique which involves tearing old sarees into thin strips and then again weaving them together, giving a vibrant and stunning array of hues and a rustic patch finish. Taira handloom has a lovely collection of handbags and clutches made from these khesh fabric. Such an exclusive way to upcycle old cotton saris!


An amazing array of products to choose from and an extremely friendly team for support and assistance. What else do you need? They ship super-fast as well.

Soul of Bengal, that’s what Taira Handicrafts and Handloom is all about. It is a brand that is dedicated to preserve our traditional crafts while also promoting sustainability and supporting local communities. The company’s products are known for their high quality and attention to detail. Each item is carefully crafted by hand, ensuring that it is unique and one-of-a-kind. Whether you are looking for a stylish accessory to complete your outfit or a statement piece to decorate your home, Taira Handicrafts and Handloom has something nice and unique for everyone. And you know the best part? They custom make as well. So, if you have a design or particular color in mind, you know whom to contact. And all these, without burning holes in your pocket.

This wonderful and unique feature and their commitment to quality and attention to detail in every product they create, make them a brand worth checking out for anyone interested in unique and sustainable handicrafts and handloom products.


So whether you want to add some beautiful handcrafted products to your collection or you simply want to solve your gifting woes with something that’s truly unique, give Taira Handicrafts and Handloom a chance to adorn you and your loved ones. Because when you do so, you are not only supporting a budding business and their dream, but also supporting and nurturing the artisanal effort and craftsmanship while protecting the environment. Time to carry Taira with pride.
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