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Today I am here with a quick review on three of the bestselling lip colors from Belora Cosmetic’s Long Kiss Liquid Lipsticks range. Belora Cosmetics has been creating a lot of buzz these days, courtesy of their high glam and super affordable made safe certified makeup and skincare products.

So without wasting anytime further, let us get into the details.


The lipstick comes in sleek and sturdy cylindrical bottle with blue cap and long doe-foot applicator attached inside. The doe foot applicator is of great quality that helps in applying the product evenly and easily. The transparent tube makes it easier to know about the quantity of the product still left. The cylindrical bottles further come housed in a cardboard boxes.


Belora Cosmetics has 27 beautiful shades in their Long Kiss range.
The shades that we have on our review table are:-

Fierce Red Kiss:
True to its name, it’s a fierce and stunning true red. You can’t really go wrong with a red lip color like this.

Unique Kiss: Again, true to its name, a unique brown with hints of mauve. The color looks different from different angles and under different lights. Sometimes it leans browner, sometimes it leans towards wine, looks very sophisticated.

Kiss Me More: A beautiful merlot. Instantly brightens up face.


The texture of the lipsticks is light, creamy and glides on lips like soft butter, settling into a powdery matte finish. Fierce Red Kiss settled superfast, while Unique Kiss and Kiss me More took almost 2-3 minutes to settle fully. As the finish is full matte, your lips have to be well-exfoliated and moisturized prior to applying these, otherwise you might find these lip colors patchy, chalky and settling in lip lines. So to nail that smooth and comfortable finish, well prepped lips are must.
Also, they are incredibly pigmented and were opaque with just a single swipe. However they look more beautiful and even with the second swipe. They would hide lip pigmentation beautifully.

Yes, they are smudge proof and won’t budge till something comes in contact with the lip color. They didn’t survive a peck of a spoon of oatmeal that I had, let alone a long kiss. These lipsticks come off with the slightest touch of food and water. Yes, they don’t survive meals, not even snacks or a few splashes of water. I wore them for 5 hours straight and they didn’t budge or fade a bit; but started chipping off from the center of the lips the moment I started with my food and drink. The lipstick flakes were on my spoon, on the glass, on my teeth, everywhere. You have to watch out for that and remember to reapply if something like that happens. I would recommend you to completely remove it and then apply fresh coats to avoid the patchiness.

Fierce Red Kiss

Kiss More

Unique Kiss


I have extremely dry lips throughout the year and this is what I do with almost all the liquid lipsticks that I own. I apply a thick coat of Boroline and wait for around 10 minutes. Then using a wet wipe or wet cloth, I gently wipe it off using circular motions. Again I apply a thick coat of lip balm or petroleum jelly, wait for a minute or two, lightly bloat the excess with a tissue paper and apply the lip color. This makes the matte finish less drying and more comfortable, my lips don’t feel stretchy or parched. This might take the lip colors a few more minutes to settle, but the once they settle, they become totally smudge-proof and transfer proof and not to mention again, feeling super comfortable.


Let us end today's post by quickly summing up the PROS and CONs:

What I Liked about Belora Cosmetic’s Long Kiss Liquid Lipsticks:

Beautiful shades.

Classic matte finish.

Feels light on lips.

Soft and smooth texture.

Glides beautifully on lips.

Insanely pigmented.

Vegan and Cruelty free.

Enriched with Vitamin E and Chamomilla.

Packaging is good.

Made safe certified lipstick.

Decently priced.


What I Do Not Like about Belora Cosmetic’s Long Kiss Liquid Lipsticks:

Long kiss? Excuse me?

Feel drying and patchy if lips are not well prepped.


The colors are great, have amazing texture and color payoff. Other than the fact that they don’t survive meals, there is nothing else to not like about them. I would wear these lipsticks only when I know that I won’t be eating anything, but again, that never happens. So I guess, these lipsticks will be lying on my cupboard now. I would really like to try some other shades from their some other range.


Have you tried Belora Cosmetics Long Kiss Liquid lipsticks? Or anything else from the brand? How was your experience? Do share with us in the comment section below.

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