Tiny Tales: An adventure is about to begin: Our Pregnancy Story

Hello everyone,

How are you all doing?? Hope everything is good. How am I doing? Well, physically not so great, but emotionally? Ohhh!! HOLY BATMAN!!!!

We have a news for you all…Well, I’m afraid we haven’t been social distancing and the result is… POSITIVE ;)

Yes, Arijit and I, we are having a baby. Well, by now most of you have probably seen our pregnancy announcement on Facebook, but I have a different world of friends and followers here who aren’t there on my friend list, and this post is especially for you all.

Throwback to January 2021, one day, suddenly, Arijit’s Old Spice after shave started smelling like fresh, deliciously homey, voluptuous donuts. For the first time in years he smelled so good… Mmmm.. I ignored!
Then one day, out of a sudden, I got this severe fatigue. Totally out of the blue, my body became achy and sore, breathing became hard and I was feeling groggy and dizzy throughout the day. While half of me thought that I might be pregnant, the other half of me was scared of being Covid positive…..

Jumping to 31st January 2021, at around 9 AM, I was sitting in the bathroom and watching “it” cross slowly, filling the test kit window, eliciting a range of emotions that I have never felt before and revealing two deep pink lines.
It feels surreal and we are extremely grateful and feel incredibly blessed as we enter this new phase of our lives together.

The first question people ask, how did I feel when I saw the two pinky lines on the kit? Well, joy, terror, disbelief, happiness, fear all rolled up together, but more than anything else, the only constant upon discovering you are pregnant is the knowledge that life is about to change…irrevocably, forever.

Last, but not the least, I am thinking of starting a new section on my blog, “Tiny Tales”. My pregnancy hasn’t been a bed of roses and I often found myself googling things I was going through only to find that there isn’t much information available on the internet about those. Those made me feel, “What? Am I the only one having such pregnancy related issues?” I was really looking for articles that would give me some information regarding the issues I was facing and possibly find me some remedies too, but often I failed to find any help and that’s when I thought of starting this section. In “Tiny Tales” I will talk about my journey, how I feel and most importantly about how I am coping up with the pregnancy related physical and mental issues, in a hope to help someone in need.

So thats enough for today.. Hopefully I will be able to stick to my plans on working on the blog better this time..
Take Care and Stay Safe... 


  1. Congratulations. What wonderful news. Pregnancy is not a bed of roses but the outcome makes it all worthwhile. Sending healthy vibes to you.

  2. Congratulations! How exciting! I'm looking forward to hearing your Tiny Tales! :)

  3. Congratulations to your both! I hope you are feeling well now, and that everything goes according to plan.


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