Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream vs Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

Over time, Laneige has made its own place in the skincare arena. Their skincare products, especially their Hydro and Water Bank range, are loved and praised by skincare enthusiasts all over the world. They have been providing women with an effective solution for dry skin, flaky skin and has gradually become one of the most popular and talked about K-beauty skincare ranges.

Today on our "Tug of War" we have two of their bestsellers from the Water Bank  range, Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream and Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. I have been using these for quite sometime now and thought of doing a comparison post for you all. 
(Before we move on to the details, just for your information, the Water Bank Gel Cream has been recently renamed "Water Bank Hydro Cream"). I had a talk with team Laneige and they assured that the product is same,  it is just the change in names.

So, let the battle begin...


Laneige Water Bank Gel/Hydro Cream is basically a moisturiser, which can be used both during the day and at night.

Laneige Sleeping Mask, as the name suggests, is a skincare product, a hydrating mask which is to be left on overnight while you are sleeping.


The gel or hydro cream instantly moisturizes the skin and provides deep hydration that lasts all day long. You can use it day and night, whenever you feel that your skin is fatigued, dry and need an instant boost of hydration.

Sleeping mask, initially I used to think that the name is just a marketing gimmick and it is nothing but a night cream. But it is much more than that. It is more potent and packed with more active ingredients that are used to target different skin concerns, like dryness, spots and marks, dullness, ageing, etc. Hence experts say that it should be treated as an “emergency beauty treatment” and should be used only once or twice a week, when your skin needs a little something extra. Overuse of sleeping masks can cause skin irritations and can also cause the product to lose its efficacy.

HOW to USE:-

The Gel cream should be used like any other moisturiser, after cleaning and toning your skin, or if you are a lazy bum like me, then just smother your face with the cream whenever you feel like.

Sleeping Masks should be used as the last step of your night skincare routine. Just take adequate amount of the product and slather all over your face. Pat and massage well.

If you have dry skin and want to use both together for added hydration, then the gel cream should go first before the sleeping mask. Basically, whatever products you are using, the sleeping mask should be used in the end to lock everything in.


Both LANEIGE Water Bank Gel Moisture Cream (50ml) and Laneige Water Bank Hydro Cream Ex, (50ml) are priced at INR 2390

LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask (70ml) 1850 and (25ml) for INR 700


LANEIGE Water Bank Gel/Hydro Moisture Cream has a soft, creamy, lightweight texture that absorbs into the skin pretty quickly with a light patting and massage. It basically adds a lightweight moisture veil over the skin surface for long-lasting hydration without leaving any greasy or sticky residue.

LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask has a light, gel like texture; not very thick, nor runny, just seems to have the perfect consistency. The moment you start messaging it turns watery giving a moist feel that takes another 3-4 minutes to get absorbed into your skin properly. It leaves your skin moisty matte, I mean you won’t feel any residue of the pack sitting on top of your skin, it will look satiny matte, but feel dewy and moist. No oiliness or greasiness.


The Gel Cream is soft, fluffy and smooth and feels very soft on the skin. It has an aqua fragrance with a fruity punch, but nothing that irritates my sensitive nose. This gel-cream is not at all greasy or sticky, hence, this is well suited for oily skin and combination skin. I am astonished to see how well it works both on my normal-dry skin and my sister’s oily skin. It didn’t break us out. Our skin feels hydrated and soft and it gives a radiant shine to the skin which looks very natural. I use the gel cream whenever I need an instant boost of hydration, be it AM or PM.

I use the Sleeping Mask twice a week, as the last step of my night skin care routine. It locks in all the moisture and other benefits you have added to your skin on the previous steps. It has a very subtle, calming fragrance that is not overpowering, but lingers on for a while. The cooling effect and the soothing fragrance, I just adore the combination and how these work up together for a refreshing feel at the end of a tiring day. The sleeping pack has been able to provide intense hydration even to my most parched and stressed skin. It works like magic, an emergency solution or an overnight fix, when in spite of using moisturisers, my skin still longs for that added boost of freshness and hydration. The next day, my skin looks replenished, adequately hydrated, plump and glowy.

Now let us go through the table below for a quick revision…


One is for instant moisturization and another is for skin-deep hydration. One is for daily use and the other one is for your emergency hydration fix. I love both the products to the core, but the sleeping pack more. The gel/hydro cream is certainly a nice addition to my skin care routine, but it isn’t something that is irreplaceable. I have moisturisers that work equally well, a few even better. Talking about the sleeping mask, I have used quite a few other sleeping masks, but being someone with a skin that's persistently dry, this feels like a boon. I love how it beautifully hydrates my skin without making it look shinny. It gets beautifully absorbed into my skin instead of just sitting on top of it, locking in all the goodness of the previous skincare products and providing adequate hydration for that healthy, brighter looking, supple and soft skin.

It totally depends on your need and preference. One is targeted towards Skin Deep Hydration and one targets Instant Moisturisation. If you ask me, I would recommend the Sleeping Mask to anyone who is looking for something to fix dull, dry, dehydrated skin. It is much more than just a moisturiser or just a night cream. Also note that whichever you choose, these are only meant to provide moisturisation and hydration, they won’t work on your acne or acne scars, wrinkles, blemishes or pores.

If you are still in a double mind, I would suggest you to go for the travel sized/ sample sized tubs first. Try both and then decide.



  1. I need to try a sleeping mask - during the dry winter here in the desert, it would be ideal. Thanks for the in depth review!

  2. As my Sephora bday gift this year, I got the mini sizes of those two as well as the lip mask. I have used them all before, and I like them a lot. Laneige skincare rocks

  3. It's good to know that you should only use the Sleeping Mask a few days a week.

  4. Wow this is such an in-depth review. Thank you for sharing this comparison!

  5. Thank you for sharing this review -- I love how much detail you went in on each piece.

  6. I tried both of these and they are wonderful!!


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