PAC Micro Finish Makeup Fixer Review

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Today I am here with the review of PAC Micro Finish Makeup Fixer.
I have been using MAC Fix+ since long and I still love it, but as we all know, it is pricey and hence I was looking for something more affordable. I have heard a lot about this makeup fixer from the house of PAC Cosmetics and so thought to give it a try and thus picked it up on my last visit to the newly opened PAC store in Kolkata. (Click HERE to read about the store).

I am a huge fan of PAC Cosmetics. Their products have hardly ever disappointed me and hence I had high expectations from this. So did it meet my expectations? Let’s get into the details…

A simple white spray bottle with the writings in black. No extra glam and glitz, just a neat and clean design, sturdy and travel-friendly. Direction to Use, Ingredients and every other thing is mentioned on the bottle itself. There is only one size available currently, 120 ml.

925 INR

Offline: PAC stores across the country
Online: PAC Cosmetics Official Website, Nykaa, Amazon

Shake well, hold the bottle about a feet away from your face. Close your eyes and spray all over your face. Wait it for it to dry naturally or you can dab gently with a sponge.


Lets start with the best thing about this spray which makes it stand out from rest of the setting sprays I have in my vanity. The spray is formulated with a micro-spray aerosol technology, which makes it weightless and helps you in achieving that flawless airbrush finish. It creates a fine mist and evenly coats my face. It is non-greasy and feels so light on my skin that I don’t even feel that I have sprayed anything, other than the subtle cooling effect. It touches your skin and vanishes right away, without leaving behind any blotchy watermarks, which I absolutely love. With almost every makeup fixers that I have used before, I always had to dab with a sponge after spraying, just to blend everything well together; but not with this. The mist is so fine and mild and dries super fast without moving or messing up with your makeup. (Yes, I have used fixers which destroyed my makeup instead of fixing it).
Sometimes the powder makes my makeup look cakey and dry, but this beautifully blends and meshes everything together for that flawless finish. It beautifully hydrates my skin and imparts a dewy glow.

I use this both as a setting spray to melt everything together in one layer and as a fixing spray to fix the makeup and keep it budge proof, whenever required throughout the day. It works amazingly well both ways. The fragrance is so refreshing that I don’t mind using this as a refreshing mist either.
The PAC Micro Fixer spray is packed with the goodness of Aloe Vera, Lavender and other herbal and floral extracts. The spray has an herbal fragrance which doesn’t irritate my sensitive nose and also doesn’t linger long. Thankfully!

I use PAC Micro Finish Makeup Fixer both for personal and professional uses and it has never failed me. Also the quantity is pretty nice compared to the price. Just one thing, I hope they come up with a smaller size, will be easier on the pocket for people who don't use fixing sprays on a regular basis.
Overall, I quite love this spray. It is not some miraculously awesome product that sweeps me off my feet, but it works well and does its job, amd that’s what matters. It increases the longevity of my makeup and makes it look natural and seamless. The freshness stays; and the spray prevents the makeup from turning cakey or smearing. Obviously the intensity of the makeup will reduce as the day goes, but it’s a lot slower and smoother I use this spray. Ohh! It is non-comedogenic and doesn’t contain alcohol or harsh chemicals. Great for all skin types!
So if you are a makeup-enthusiast and want to invest in a good makeup fixer, give PAC Micro Finish Makeup Fixer a try.

Do you use fixing sprays? Which one is your favorite? Let us know ...


  1. This sounds so nice! I have only tried 2 setting sprays. I rarely use them though since my makeup routine is pretty light. Lovely eye look in these photos!

  2. It's interesting that the packaging is all in English. I always worry that my makeup will run after spraying but this sounds like it avoids that problem.

  3. This sounds really nice! I want to give a setting spray a try!

  4. I don’t use fixing spray because I hate spraying myself in the face, and my skin is so dry, I don’t really need it. But the microfine spray for this one sounds like I might be able to use it

  5. I’ve never used a setting spray. How well does this work on like cc creams? I tend to go for a natural look and I hate the greasy look some creams leave so I follow up with a setting powder.

  6. Your eyeshadow here is so pretty! This sounds nice.


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