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I hate mornings, especially when I have to wake up early to reach a place I hate even more. It was a usual boring morning. I was in a bus heading for work; was lazily looking outside the window and suddenly what I saw was enough to charge me up for the whole week. My eyes got stuck to the silverish white font shining over the black backdrop. It was PAC Store: PAC Cosmetics Kolkata.

Yes, PAC Cosmetics has finally opened up their arms for us Kolkata people. I had always wondered why are they taking up so long to open up their store here? I was a regular visitor of their Andheri store and when I left Mumbai, out of all the amazing brands that Mumbai had, I missed PAC the most. Reason? Their amazing collection at such affordable price tags.

So when I saw their store in Kolkata, I was naturally very excited. And I didn’t want to waste a single day and visited their store on my way back home.

I got introduced to the brand during my Fatmu days and since then I am absolutely in love with their stuff.
Listing below what I feel are the best and my favorites from the array of products that PAC houses.

Saying I love them would be an understatement. To me, they are the best false eye lashes available in the Indian market. They look super beautiful, have amazing quality and are affordable. I can go on and on raving about them; my most favorite PAC product.
Price Range: INR 245- INR 415

Makeup Brushes and Sponges:-
I felt we had dearth of good makeup brushes in Indian market until PAC came and rescued me. I first bought their brushes in 2016 and trust me, they still look amazing and work amazingly well. Just to remind you, I am a makeup addict, a makeup artist and I use them and wash them religiously and rigorously. And no, I am not exaggerating a bit. Brushes are available both as singles and in sets.
Their blenders, sponges and puffs are pretty good as well.
Price Range: INR 385- INR 1175 ( brush singles)
Price Range: INR 1895- INR 14000 (brush sets)
Price Range: INR 135- INR 745 (puffs and sponges)

Eye Shadow, Glitters and Pigments:-
PAC is known for their vast range of eye shadows. I have quite a few from their “Pure Pigmented” range (starts INR 300). Love them. Their pressed glitters (INR 500) and loose glitters and pigments (INR 695) are stunning. I swatched a few and instantly fell in love with them. The powder eye shadow and glitter palettes are available at the store but the refills and singles are yet to reach the store; just a matter of few days. Also, do checkout their pigment tower (INR 1995); what beautiful colors. I was awestruck.

Primers and Setting Sprays:-
I am quite fond of PAC primers. The Pore Primer (INR 845) is lovely. It minimizes the appearance of pores and mattifies skin, great for normal to oily skinned beauties. The Mineralized Oil Control primer (INR 835) is nice as well. Best part is they are paraben free. I bought the Studio Finish Oil Primer (INR 795) this time. Other than these three, they have six other primers. Quite a collection!

For setting spray, checkout their Micro Finish Makeup Fixer (INR 925). Love the fragrance and luxurious micro mist. It sets makeup beautifully, no blotchiness, no creasing, no fading of makeup. Pure love it is. Other than this they also have three other types of makeup setting sprays.
You can visit the store, try them and then pick your favorite.

Foundation, Concealers and Powders:-
I tried both their Spotlight Foundation and HD Foundation (INR 875) at the store. I wanted to try the HD foundation since long, but was apprehensive about the shade and hence couldn’t buy online. Now I know my shade and would purchase it on my next visit, which is going to be soon. I absolutely loved the finish of the HD foundation. For concealers, I pretty much like their Take Cover Concealers (INR 419-INR 504). For powders, you can definitely checkout their HD Powder (INR 745); gives an amazing finish.

Blushers and Highlighters:-
The blushers and highlighters are again two fantastic products from PAC. The Blushers (INR 450 for cream and INR 650 for powder) are incredibly pigmented, smooth and stay long. The Baked Highlighters (INR 925) are pure love again. One of the best highlighters we have in India. They are bomb. And the highlighters are available in 14 shades. Can you believe that? Which brand has so many shades of highlighter in a single range?!!!! My favorites are 01 Ice Gold and 02 Iconic.

Eye Liners and Mascara:-
Being a kajal and kohl pencil lover I have tried kajals from numerous brands and have to admit that the PAC longlasting kohl (INR 395) is one of the best among what I have used. I have all the shades and they are supremely pigmeted, creamy, glides well and don’t budge (once set).
If you are looking for intense black liquid liner with a thin felt tip applicator, go for the Accu Pro Eyeliner (INR 600). It is fantastic.
I am fond of their Volume Blast Mascara (INR 695). The bristles are short that help you get through the length of lashes easily, especially bottom lashes. You can also try their clear mascara, great to tame the brows.

PAC Lip Colors:-
They have a wide range of lip colors and their retro matte gloss (INR 550) and soft matte lipsticks (INR 635) are my favorite. Such lovely ccolors and lovely formula, especially the soft matte lipsticks. Just the type of matte I love.  Also their ColorLock lip liners (INR 385) are to die for. They are so creamy and buttery smooth, glide on lips like dream and stay intact for hours. I wear them as overall lip color as well.

PAC Skin Care:-
Their moisturizer and makeup cleansers are quite famous amongst makeup enthusiasts. I have their regular Moisture Lotion (INR 795) and it is pretty good. Works really well as a base under your foundation. I am yet to try their cleansing creams. They have launched a Peel Off Mask (INR 725) which I tried on hand at the store. Nice, but my skin is going through a rough phase, didn’t want to risk it with a new product, and hence skipped.

Other than the above mentioned products, a few other things which I like from the house of PAC.
1. PAC Lash Fixer
2. PAC Solid Brush Cleaner
3. PAC Dual Fold Liquid gel

If I have to suggest only 7 products from PAC:
  • Eye shadow blending brush No. 107. Brushes in general. Choose your favorite as per your need.
  • Baked Highlighter 02 Iconic. I love Iconic on my skin tone. As I said, they have 14 shades and you can choose one according to your skin tone. 
  • Eye Lash No 59. Absofreakinglutely love it. 
  • HD Foundation. Gives a beautiful luminous finish. One of the best budget foundation in India. 
  • Micro Finish Makeup Fixer.
  • Long lasting Kohl 
  • ColorLock lipliners
The shop assistants and store manager were really cordial ,welcoming and patient. They help you through your makeup struggle. I had to exchange a product and they gladly did it (NOTE: Makeup items however are not exchangeable. I bought a box of 5 pairs of lenses, instead of a single pair, which is why they took the return.)

PAC is one of my favorite Indian makeup brands and I have said this time and again. Every time they are innovating, they are reformulating, they are coming up with new things and are way better than many other makeup brands ruling our beauty world. I have tried so many products from PAC and it astonishes me that how come they have not a single product that I absolutely hate. And you know the best thing? Thetare absolutely cruelty-free. Beat that!!!

So if you are a makeup lover as I am, don’t forget to hit the brand new sprawling PAC Cosmetics store as soon as possible. Please note that the store is new and hence they are still amping up their stock. Hence, if you are looking for something in particular, give them a call before getting there. 

Address and other details are given below:
ADDRESS:  228A, Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Rd, Sreepally, Elgin, Kolkata, West Bengal 700020. Landmark: Landmark Building. Approximately 5 minutes walking distance from Minto Park crossing.
CONTACT NUMBER: 9854064350, 7002031655
TIMINGS:  10:00 AM- 8:00 PM


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