The Blushing Bride: Ritwika Ghosh

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Welcome to the first post of the year and to my favorite section Blushing Brides. Today we have with us a super cute lady, Ritwika Ghosh. We got to know each other through MSB. She is such a calm, composite woman and radiates immense positivity, happiness and serenity; the smile says it all. 

She got married in 2018 in Kolkata, so a lots of tips from the brides to be in the city of joy.
Without any time further.. I give you the lovely Ritwika to take us through her dream wedding journey

How did you guys meet?
The journey actually began when we became class mates in class 11. I didn't know him before and he became just a friend who always used to eat my entire tiffin. We hardly interacted much when in school but after the last official day in school we started interacting and became best friends somehow. That's how the story began and later on after a few months he proposed to me. Somehow I couldn't say no and accepted his proposal after 7days.

So how long did you get to plan your entire wedding?
We got legally married and engaged in March 2017 and then started planning for the social marriage so that it can be arranged in 2018.

Tell us something about where you got your outfits and accessories from?
I went on shopping for my wedding with my mom-in-law. We searched a lot and then ended up in Gariahat where I bought a Red Benarasi saree for my wedding from Vashdev Tolaram and a blue Kanjivaram Silk for my reception from Indian Silk House.

Where did you get your makeup and hair done?
I had booked my makeup artist way before my marriage because I wanted to have Abhijit Paul as my makeup artist and didn't want to compromise on that part. Somehow it was a heartfelt dream to have him as my makeup artist. My hair was also done by his team.

Tell us something about your photographer?
I pre-booked my wedding photographer as well after a thorough research. I chose Memories and Moments since it was fitting my budget and I didn't want to compromise on the picture quality, etc as well.


Any special moment you want to share with us?
I don't know why but I felt so happy when people held my PIRI and we exchanged MALAs. It was such a joyous moment since I was surrounded by my cousins and friends and everyone was happy for me and laughing out loud. The happiness was infectious and even I was laughing.

Any advice you want to all the readers/would be brides out there?
I would just like to say be happy and celebrate your marriage how you want no matter what others are saying. It is a very special moment for the bride-to-be and no rituals or nothing should ruin it for you. Celebrate your marriage exactly how you want to do it and you will see yourself how excited and happy you feel on the special day. It will reflect on your face and in your eyes.

What DeckandDine says:-
They say “A happy bride is a pretty bride” and Ritwika, you made one of the prettiest brides ever. When you are truly happy, it shows in your eyes and I could see it. The picture below just melted my heart and I am sure the pearl like tear made the amazing feeling of happiness even greater.

Talking about your saree and makeup, they were perfect. From your choice of sarees, accessories to the makeup, everything was 10/10. I love how stunning and dreamy you looked.

You two are just perfect. May you both always have the ability to always see one another through the eyes of love. God bless. 

What are weddings without family and friends? Sharing a few because they are my favorite ..

Thank you Ritwika, for letting us feature you are your story on the blog. We wish you two all the happiness in the world.

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  1. Nice writeup.But where did she get her jewelleries, clutches from?


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