Easy and Quick Glam Summer Makeup Tutorial

So, how is the summer treating you so far? Super amazingly? :P
I am not a summer person, to be precise, an Indian summer person. I absolutely hate May and June in India and the last 2 weeks were terrible and intolerable beyond words. Yesterday we had a fun gathering and guess what? It was a morning event. Being an introvert and also a summer hater, I did my best to avoid attending it. But fate had something else planned and I had to go.
For the event I quickly thought up a look. I didn’t want a heavy makeup, yet wanted something that will be different, look fabulous and most importantly will go with the sultry summer.

The look came out pretty nice and I thought why not share it with you all. In any case, someone complained that I only do dramatic night looks and not an easy morning one. So everyone, here it goes... 

For this look, you can do your base first and then move on to your eye makeup. I didn’t go for a heavy base and a layer of BB cream over my usual moisturizer just worked fine. However you can use foundation, concealer and everything else that you want to use.

Now lets move on to the eye makeup:
Groom your browns and apply a wash of skin colored eye shadow all over your eye lid.

Now take a coral brown eye shadow on a fluffy brush and move to and fro on your crease.
On the same fluffy brush take a warm pink eye shadow and just apply it on the socket line, concentrating more on the outer corners. Blend and merge the eye shadows well.
Now once everything is nice and blended, take a champagne satiny eye shadow and just pack it on the centre of the lid. Blend the harsh lines.
Now that your lid is done, let us move on to the lower lash line. For this I opted for a bright bluish purple eye liner pencil, you can go for any other color or just your usual black as well.
Now taking a smudger brush, smudge the stroke of liner a little. My brush had some residue of black kohl, and thus it added little of the it which gave a nice gradient look. So you can try that as well. 
Finally add loads of mascara/ natural looking falsies to round off the look.


A swirl of a peachy coral blush on each cheek. Again, highlighter is optional. For lips I went for a peach colored lipstick. 

And that is it, my look is done and that too in minutes.

At the end of the day I just added some black kohl on the lower lash line, over the blue and on the outer corner of my lids and smudged well with my finger. This instantly transformed the look from a soft glam morning look to a glam night look. 

The eyeshadows are from Coastal Scents 252 eye shadow palette. The liner is bought from a local market in South Korea. The name and shade number is hard to read. The mascara is Loreal Volume Million Lashes. The kohl I used on my waterline for the night look is a mix of Lakme Eyeconic and Faces Longwear Eye pencil. The BB cream was by Sugar Cosmetics and the blush is Coral by Ben Nye. The lipstick is Little Bo Peach by Sugar Cosmetics again. 


  1. Looks great, I love how you transformed it for evening!

  2. Wow, love that purple liner! You look stunning

  3. That liner is unexpected but gorgeous! And I love how you made it into a nighttime look!

  4. I love the morning look! Very classy.

  5. It's your morning look that I think is great. It could easily be worn in the evening with those beautiful shades and your excellent blending.

  6. I like the colors you chose and you wore them well.

  7. Loving the purple bottom lash line! Makes your eyes pop! The night transformation is all sorts of WOW!

  8. Love this look, I'm going to try to recreate it!

  9. Those colors look stunning on you!

  10. Yours eye makeup always looks amazing!

  11. Love the unexpected blue/purple pop!


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