5 Best Kajal / Kohl Pencils available in India Under 500

Best Kajal / Kohl Pencils available in India Under 500

We Indian women are known to the world for our classic beauty; long black hair teased by the wind, a bindi gracing our forehead and eyes that can pierce through toughest of souls; and kajals or kohls as they say now, play an important role in enhancing the beauty of those peeps.
It has been years since I have bonded with kajals (was probably the first ever cosmetic I used) and if you ask me to pick one makeup product I would have to spend my life with, it has to be a kajal pencil; I can hardly imagine myself without it. Actually not only me, they have become a kind of staple cosmetic for every woman around the globe, accentuating and beautifying eyes since time immemorial.
Coming back to today’s post, many people ask me about my favourite kajal pencils or kohls. This is the most common question I face. A few even said that how come being a kohl lover I don’t have a review or a post related to kohl on my blog. True that! I have never reviewed a kajal on my blog till now. Reason being, the products I use are very common, almost everyone knows about them and I don’t really experiment with different brands of kohls and repurchase only those which I am very comfortable with, and the list is very small.
Yet, your request is my command and here I am today with a list of my favourite kajals, that too in a budget of Rs 500.

So, heres to gorgeous, sultry, intense jet black eyes…

MRP: 399 INR
My most favourite. I have used so many kajals from so many different brands till now, both drugstore and high end, but the love I have for this one is irreplaceable. The color is intense, the texture is beautiful and staying power is amazing beyond words. It even stays on my waterline forever. Once it sets, it will not budge or fade. It has amazing staying power on oily lids as well. Totally in love with this pencil. Black Sparkle from this range is another stunning shade.

MRP- 520 INR
Well, not exactly within 500, but a little higher. But this is my second favorite and I had to include it. Jet black, matte finish, soft and creamy, amazingly pigmented and very very long staying. You can wear it as a eyeliner, a kajal or can also create mysterious smokey eyes by smudging it with the smudger attached on another end. This too is suited for oily lids. But again, it sets super fast, so you have to be super quick when smudging.

MRP:- 179INR
This is a bomb in budget. Matte black, easily glides on waterline and lid, super pigmented, smudge-proof and has an pretty good staying power. This is my most favourite within 200 INR. You can hardly go wrong with this. Just one issue, it takes a little more time to set, so you have to be patient. Once it sets, you don’t have to worry for the next 5-6 hours.

I totally ignored this beauty until last year, when I had to buy this because the Faces Magnet Eyes was not in stock. And ohh boy! I am hooked now. This is insanely pigmented, so creamy and soft, great for creating a smudged smoky look. I wear this pretty often, especially when I need to get a smudged look, and for once it didn’t disappoint me. I just apply, smudge super quickly for that smokey effect and after that once it sets, it doesn’t move.

This is not just a kajal, this is an emotion. Yes, I agree that it doesn’t have the intensity or staying power like the ones I mentioned above, but Maybelline Colossal Kajal is very close to my heart. It was my first ever ‘expensive’ cosmetic buy and it reminds me of those days with makeup, when I was just trying to ease out into the world of makeup, buying a decent kajal, a decent matte red lipstick, a blush, etc. I still wear this and always have a backup. They have a super black version of this as well. But to me, this works just fine.

I am done with top 5 favorites of mine, but another one I would like to add to the list and it is Plum NaturStudio Kohl, it has a beautiful gel-liner like performance, is insanely pigmented, smudge proof and long staying. But, I don't have it currently with me to show you pictures. It is priced at 495 INR currently.

So, that’s it, the best kajal pencils that are easily available in India and are my absolute favoritete that the ones I mentioned above are my personal favourites, they work beautifully on me, but that doesn’t mean they will work equally good on you. Our skin types might be different, so the performance of the products might vary as well. I advise you to go to the store and test them at the counter before buying. That way, you won’t be disappointed at the end.
Also, don’t forget to let me know about your favourite kajal pencils. J Do our choices match?

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