The Blushing Bride: Shreya Kundu

Do you know the feeling, the positive vibe you get when you see a couple so deeply in love with? There is something in the way they look at each other, when words could never really match the things that their eyes speak.

 Today in “Blushing Bride”, we have such a lovely couple. The super cute bride, Shreya Kundu, is here with us to give a glimpse of her wedding and going through her pages of life I do believe that fairy tale exists.

How did you guys meet?
“Well, it was year in the year 2008. After my Madhyamik exam, one of my close friends influenced me to open an account in Orkut. On that time there was no trace of Facebook. I opened a fake profile in Orkut, named Megha Kundu, a second student of chemistry hons in Presidency (as there was a clause that if you are below 18 you cannot open an account in Orkut). Then, I searched for my cousin brother Soumya and messaged him. Next day when I checked for reply, I found that I did a terrible mistake because I sent that message to a different person bearing the same name. This guy was not my brother. But he wrote an interesting scrap. I liked his reply so much, so kept on messaging. Then one day I called him, and disclosed my original identity. He was a bit disappointed because he was almost 7 yrs older than me.
But still we were in touch. First we talked little, but he talked so nicely I couldn't resist myself from not talking to him. Gradually we started talking a lot, about movies, sports, food and every detail of our daily life. That time I really started to enjoy his company. That time he used to work and I was in school. Funny na!! Anyway, he always inspired me in studies, in different activities.
In between one day we planned to meet. It was a big deal to me, like I only knew him through a social networking site. But that time we used to talk a lot over the phone. So I thought it is okay to meet him face to face. Then one fine evening we decided to meet in a restaurant, it was raining outside. I won't lie, may be on that date I felt something for him. And l could read his eyes also, the way he was staring at me full of wonder and love. That day after returning home he called me but didn't say a single word, neither me. We didn't say each other anything but both of us fell in love with each other. And silently we knew it.
I always did mistakes and still do. But he always protected me.  I am a very talkative person but he never got bored of listening to my rubbish. I always found a comfort zone, a humble and caring nature. In 2010, first day of the year he proposed me in a filmy way.. And I didn't take time to accept his offer to stay together for the rest of our life. Funny story right?!”

So how long did you get to plan your entire wedding?
“Due to my father's illness, my family wanted to get me married early. So I got married in my final semester of engineering. Though the date was finalized one year before, still I remained very busy that time, with my studies, assignments, projects and industrial training. Thanks to my family members of both sides, they took the entire responsibility of shopping and all other preparations. But in between whenever I got time, I joined them. When I couldn't, every time they asked me before finalizing the things like invitation cards, saree and all.. But really, sometimes I think like if I could get another chance to get married, I will plan everything again all by myself.”

Tell us something about where you got your outfits and accessories, both wedding and reception?

“I got my wedding Benarashi from Priyo Gopal Bisoyee, Barabazar. It is beautiful magenta coloured Benarashi with all over meenakari work. Actually when I was a kid, one of my very close aunties told me to wear Magenta colored Benarashi on my wedding. Frankly speaking, somehow these words were stuck in my mind and I just decided to buy a magenta coloured Benarashi. And I loved it. All my wedding jewellery belonged to my mother. These are heirloom gold jewellery passed to my Maa by my grandparents and great grandparents. Personally I don't like to wear lots of gold jewellery and wanted to wear costume jewellery like Sanandita di. But my mother emotionally blackmailed me, so I was kind of forced to wear them. But now I think I was looking good in those. 

For ‘Gaye Holud’, I draped a yellow saree, to go with the ritual more perfectly. It came from Groom's side. And I wore some light gold jewellery of my mother.

For my reception, I got my saree from Adi Mohoni Mohon Kanjilal. It is a royal blue Benarashi full of zardousi work. Basically I wanted to wear a lehenga. But my mother in law didn't agree with that. Then my designer rescued me with his intelligence. He made a parrot green silk lehenga on which I draped my Benarashi. He designed a contrast blouse to go with it too. His name is Raj Bannerjee and I must admit that the guy is awesome. 

On my reception day I didn't wear any gold jewellery except a few on hands. I went for costume jewellery in kundan work from Chique Fashion jewellery, South city Mall."

Where did you get your makeup and hair done?
“Both of my wedding and reception make-up and hair were done by Arpita Roy. I am very much satisfied with her work. I always wanted to look the most beautiful woman on my D-day. And seriously, on that day, I was the center of attraction.”

Tell us something about your photographer?
“My wedding photography was covered by Fotosutra- Prasanta Sinha Photography. I must say, he and his team seriously know how to create magic. Except the time of group photos, I couldn't see them around me. But at the time of delivery, they gave us more than a thousand of wonderful photos. All are very lively, fresh and lots of candid moments. I just wondered when and how did they took such beautiful photos. Not only that, they are very friendly, easily mixed up with our family and everyone started to like them. 

Even after 3 years of marriage, still people talk about them and their photography. Everyone appreciated their efforts and energetic nature. But my experience with videographer was pathetic. That time Fotosutra used to do only still photography, not videography. So we hired Nany's Photography for video. But what they delivered was horrible.”

Any special moment you want to share with us?
Though there are a lot, I would want to share one of them in particular. On the day of wedding our lawyer came for registration and said that it must be done prior to the religious wedding. Though the older people opposed saying that it's not possible, groom can’t see the bride before Subhodristi. While people were arguing about this, Soumya became impatient to see me. Finally our guardians decided to do the registry first. When Soumya entered the room, the way he stared at me, I felt like a queen or may be a Goddess. And all the time he couldn't resist himself from staring at me. 

After "Sindur daan" when he got the chance to sit beside me, he whispered, “When I saw you, my heart skipped a beat, now you are my sweet wife'. I will always remember these."

Any advice you want to give to all the readers out there?
“We all have a childhood dream, that when we will be in love everything will go as smooth as silk. But the reality is marriage requires a lot of adjustments. But if you have good understanding with your spouse, everything will be fine. From my experience I can say, the day I got married, I felt like a new journey started. And though I knew him for more than 6 years, still from that day I started to know him as a whole new person. Enjoy every ritual. Personally I find Bengali marriage rituals to be very romantic.

Don't get over-stressed. Stay hydrated. Don't forget to book your favorite makeup artist and a good photographer well in advance. Don't leave anything for the last moment. Try to eat lots of fruits and water, at least on the last 3 months of your marriage; you will look glowy and fresh.
Just go with the flow. Take lots of pictures. Spend time with your family. Always remember it's your day. So don't forget to smile and blush.”

DeckandDine says:-
This is such a sweet love story Shreya. I am totally awed. You look amazing on all the occasions and yes, like a Queen on your D-Day. Arpita Roy did a splendid job. I love how subtle, yet glamorous the makeup was. And I am absolutely stunned seeing the pictures Prasanta Da and his team captured. Couldn't stop myself from staring at them and I wish I could have attached more pictures. You made such a pretty bride and what I loved most about you is, there was not one moment where I saw your face without a smile or a blush. Lovely J

I know that time flies and things change, but I also know that your love for each other would stay unchangeable. Lots of love and best wishes. And I am sure he'll always be ready with a handkerchief whenever he'll see a pearl drop shining on the corner of your eye, just like this.

Time for a few more pictures ... 


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