Morphe 25A Copper Spice Eye Shadow Palette Review, Swatches, EOTD and FOTD

Hello everyone
Today I’ll be reviewing an eye shadow palette that has a lot of hype around them. It is Morphe 25A Copper Spice Eye Shadow Palette

Being a gold and brown eye shadow lover, this pallet seemed to be Heaven for me. The pallet kept on luring me and haunting me in my dreams. The gold, coppers and browns in the palette looked so regal and I couldn’t stop myself from purchasing it.

Morphe is a brand that keeps on wowing me with their amazing range of products. So could this one wow me too?

Lets see…

The 25 eye shadows come housed in a sleek square, non-fussy black palette with a transparent lid. The palette further comes housed inside a black cardboard box where the ingredients and pallet name mentioned on the back. I was foolish enough to throw away the outer box and result is the scratches on the transparent lid.

You can buy from Instagram Seller for 1700-2000. (Click HERE to see the list of genuine Instagram Sellers)

The palette features 25 colours: 16 matte and 9 shimmer eye shadows.

Row 1:
Overcast: A matte yellowish peachy color
Sand Dollar: A yellowish beige
Penne: A matte orangey peach
Layered: A beautiful warm peach
Sunrise: A beautiful medium warm peachy brown

Row 2:
Nickel: A mid tone orangey beige in soft satin finish
Lit: A warm brown that is matte.
Tan Lines: A brown with hints of beige
Mojave:- A mid tone reddish brown.
Sweet Mango:- A warm yellow toned brown which has a green lean.
(On eyes last three looks the same)

Row 3:
Afterlife: A beautiful matte reddish brown
Oasis: A matte warm reddish brown with light gold specks.
Version: A chocolate brown
Radar: A dark reddish brown
Chase: A darkened reddish brown too

Row 4:
Foxy: A beautiful copper in satin finish
Rose Gold: A unique shade of rose gold that leans taupe. Shimmery and very beautiful
Polished: A stunning vivid copper in metallic finish.
Sunbeam: This color stands out in the palette, a super gorgeous yellowish golden eye shadow in metallic finish.
Ember: An intense sunset toned copper in a metallic finish.

Row 5:
Brass: A dark rusty rose gold kind of a color in metallic finish
Just Shadow: A cool dark shimmery brown
Suede: A deep reddish chocolate brown with golden specks
Destination: A sultry matte blackened brown
Unveil: A sophisticate matte black.
(The last two shades are great for smoking out the corners)

Most of the eye shadows are smooth and blends like dream. The metallic shades are gorgeous, poppy and doesn’t feel gritty or chunky, they are finely milled, tightly packed and don’t fall out. The matte shades, except the first three on top row, are soft and smooth as well and doesn’t feel powdery or chalky. They are incredibly pigmented and stayed on me for more than 10 hours without fading or creasing a bit. 

However, the first three matte eye shadows I felt are a bit chalky and hence go dusty. They lack the desired pigmentation too.


What I LIKED about Morphe 25A Copper Spice Eye Shadow Palette:-

  • Gorgeous shades.
  • Soft and Smooth texture.
  • The metallic ones are finely milled and don’t feel gritty.
  • The matte ones are smooth and non-chalky.
  • Most of the shades are incredibly pigmented.
  • Stays long.
  • Don’t fade or crease.
  • No fuss packaging. A sleek palette, so won’t take a lot of room when travelling with it.
  • Reasonable.

What I Don’t LIKE about Morphe 25A Copper Spice Eye Shadow Palette:-

  • Non-availability in India. Why?? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?
    (However, if you want to see how to get your hands on this beauty in India, click HERE and HERE)
  • Some are just a little darker-lighter shade of the same color. So people might find the colors repetitive.
  • The texture of  the light matte shades could have been better.

How can one go wrong with something named copper? This is a stunning palette where the metallic eye shadows are definitely the stars of the show. The matte ones except 2-3 are impressive as well and complement the metallic shadows beautifully. You can make a dramatic as well as a subtle look using the colors. Different textures and finishes of the eye shadows give you the freedom to play; you can go for just matte look or a little pop of shimmer or even a full blown dramatic metallic look. This pallet is great for any skin tone, whether you are fair, tanned, medium or deep skin toned, all of these colors will look beautiful on every single person. This palette is absolutely breathtaking and perfect for anyone who loves browns, coppers and gold tones. An absolute value for money.

(Click HERE to see the tutorial of this look)

4/5 :)

So what do you think about this palette? Also have you tried any Morphe Eye Shadow palettes? If yes, let us know :) 

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  1. Last 2 rows are pure love... I wanna buy this now 🙈🙈🙈 I'll wait for sale then...

  2. I just picked up a different Morphe palette and have had good experiences with the brand’s Shadows! This palette is gorgeous and I love your eye look!

  3. That looks like a nice palette and your eye looks are beautiful!

  4. I’ve never tried this brand. There are a lot of gorgeous shades, but I wish there weren’t so many very similar ones.

  5. I saw this in Ulta and almost came picked it up--it's so, so pretty!

  6. This looks like a staple neutral palette with all the shades you'd need.

  7. All my kind of shades, warm browns! <3 Lovely look you created! I need you to come do my make up!

  8. These are such great colours although I wish some weren't quite so similar. It is a common theme with Morphe, so I'm tempted to coordinate with friends and pick up three or so Morphe palettes and just pop out shades to make our own palettes with more color variety.

  9. You can do a lot with those shades!

  10. Looks like you got fantastic color payoff.

  11. I love row 4!!!! All the beautiful sparkle!!!

  12. I would get a lot of use out of this palette. It’s gorgekhs!

  13. These colors are really pretty!

  14. I love the metallics in this palette.

  15. I'm a big fan on brown eye shadows, but I typically go for more muted colors because I don't really know how to apply them properly and you're less likely to notice if I screw up. lol

  16. Those shimmery/foily ones really speak to me! I like this palette.

  17. your makeup application is stunning!

  18. The shades look amazing and how gorgeous is the golden shade you have used.


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