Wet n Wild Rose in the Air Color Icon Eye Shadow Palette Review: Is it truly a Dupe of ABH Modern Renaissance?

Have you ever experienced the immense joy that one feels while stumbling upon a dupe of a famous product? If yes, then you can definitely understand how exactly I am feeling right now.

The product I am going to review today, Wet n Wild ‘Rose in the Air’ eye shadow palette, is said to be the ultimate dupe of the cult favorite Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. I so love good dupes; because most of the times, they are cheaper than the original ones, equally good or sometimes even better performing.
ABH’s Modern Renaissance palette, with all the warm red and orange shades and amazing quality, had kind of revolutionized the whole beauty community. From then, brands all over the globe have been trying to replicate it. Some have been successful and some absolutely not.

Well, I already have the ABH palette and hence I didn’t feel the need of buying any other palette which is close to it. But when I saw the Wet n Wild Rose in the Air palette and how people were and are still going gaga over it, claiming that it is similar to the ABH one, I thought “Why not give it a try? It is just 4.99$ and I haven’t shopped anything for months :P ” … Me and my excuses!!

Anyway, so without wasting anytime further, lets get into the nitty-gritty details.

in Nykaa

Where to buy?
Nykaa, Wet n Wild, Ulta.

Shades:-The pallet is a mix of warm toned shades, from neutrals, warm oranges and browns to a pop of berry and mauve, the color palette looks amazing. This palette can easily be used to create both day and night time looks.


Buttery smooth, silk soft and blendable. The shimmers are non-chunky and have a beautiful satiny feel. Just the berry shade I find is a little dusty, kind of gritty when swirled with a brush on the palette. Rest are amazing.

Colour Payoff:-
The mattes performed amazingly well and much better than the shimmery ones, which I feel is great considering most of the shades in the palette are matte. But that doesn’t mean the shimmers don’t really show up. They have a good color payoff too, but the mattes, especially the berry and the warm browns and oranges, they hog all the limelight.

But one thing I noticed, the hand swatches needed less effort. When using on eyes, you have to work a bit more packing the colors. A primer beneath makes the process easier.

Comparing to Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance:-
Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance has 14 colors and Wet n Wild Rose in the Air palette has 10. If you ignore this obvious difference, the shade selection of the Wet n Wild palette is spot on 99% similar to the ABH one.

Texture wise I find them very similar as well, just Love Letter of ABH is a tad bit smoother than the berry one in Wet n Wild. Pigmentation of both the palettes is incredible, but as I said, Wet n Wild needs a little more packing, which I don’t really feel is a problem. Also, when you start blending with a brush, I feel that the ABH one holds the intensity and vibrancy better. But the differences are nothing very huge. Staying power is again amazing for both the palettes.

(thanks for the pic Pam di)

Now lets see the side-by-side comparison

Final Thoughts:-
I was so super freaking pumped for this palette that I had to dig my brush in and play with it the moment I received it and oh boy, I was thoroughly impressed. Stunning colors, beautiful texture that is so easy to work with, insanely pigmented and long staying, totally bowled over. Moreover, taking about the dupe thing, I can’t believe how similar these shades look on the eyes. You wouldn't be able to tell that I used two different palettes for the look.

Would I recommend this to others?
Are you someone who doesn't have the ABH Modern Renaissance palette, but yet are fascinated by the colors and want to owe something in similar color scheme? Then this pallet is for you.
This palette provides great value for money.

4.5/5 J

So, are you thinking of buying the ABH Modern Renaissance palette, but still haven’t made up your mind whether to spend so much on it or not? Then don’t waste time. Grab this one before it goes out of stock. ;)

P.S Thank you Pamela Di for the picture and swatches of the ABH palette. I freaked out when i couldn't find mine, but you saved me :) Love you ...


  1. I might need to pick this up!

  2. Must find this palette asap. The colors are absolutely gorgeous!

  3. CVS had a sale and a coupon for WnW. I went to two stores and they were sold out of everything new while some products were smashed by overeager shoppers. I'd like to try these new palettes.

  4. No problem at all sweetheart. Glad it helped. Love you too. This palette in wet n Wild is a star.

  5. Amazing post Madhu..I never miss your posts..somehow many shades are similar to Newtrals vs Neutrals from MR too which is sort of my holy grail..
    Lovely palette for the price and awesome makeup look of yours

  6. That's such a lovely palette....very romantic vibe. I'm going to look for this.

  7. That is such a nice and affordable palette!

  8. That looks like a win! Plus looks like it has great pigmentation!! And that price you cant beat!

  9. I really like the colors in this palette, and the price is great!

  10. Can you even believe this? It's a dead on dupe. I think it will be great for travel...just take the small palette instead of the bigger, more expensive one.

  11. Such a pretty palette!

  12. Wet N' Wild is a win! so affordable and a really pigmented.

  13. That looks so great, especially for the price!

  14. Wow!!! I love finding great products at great prices! So pigmented :)


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