The Blushing Bride: Aparajita Dey

Each couple have a story backing their wedding and I just love listening to stories. And it becomes even more interesting, when you find resemblances of your life with their.
Meet our pretty bride today, Aparajita Dey, who got married in November, 2015.. She stays in Arizona and had her wedding took place in her hometown Kolkata. So lots of tips for brides from the city of joy. She is software engineer by profession and blogger and dancer by passion; she is strong, independent, a fashion freak, a makeup junkie and extremely beautiful.

Her wedding was no less than a fairy tale affair! Lets catch a glimpse of it…

How did you guys meet?
“Well, we know each other for more than a decade now. Actually, we both belong to same locality and we met in the year of 2005 in tuition. We were just good friends back then. Although we are best friends now. J  The first thing I noticed in him was his sense of humor. We used to chat over GTalk/SMS. Anyway, after school we lost contact until we met in a common friend’s wedding in the year 2012. And, we started to interact again. Mostly about movies, foods, sports etc. We used to talk all the time over WhatsApp including every details of our daily life. We used to spend a lot of time together even when we went out in a group. That was the time I really started to enjoy his company, his humble and caring nature. Okay, cutting it short. I fell for him and proposed him directly. Yes fellas, you heard me right. It was me who proposed. But, who knew I would be rejected. Like seriously!! After few days, the girl got a text with negative response with hell lot of explanations. L
I was hurt but it was okay. I thought, he just considers me as a good friend or whatever!! I did not know or I didn’t even want to know. That is life. Then, I started to avoid him because I literally didn’t want to hurt myself anymore. It was just formal Hi/Hello type of talk between us after that. That was not even a conversation. Then, he started to ping me again after a week after the apocalypse. It was again our group outing for a movie and this time he was planning for it. I went to that outing and I choose not to speak to him more just to avoid embarrassment. Things were going like this and one fine day he asked “what happened to you? Why don’t you speak to me like before? Did I do something wrong?”
“No, you didn’t. You just wanted us to be good friends and I am trying to do the same” was my reply with my stomach full of butterflies. Because all I could sense that he was also having something special feeling towards me. But, I choose not to utter a single word related to that. Whatever then I got a text from him again to meet him on his birthday. I saw only I was invited on that special day so my expectations turned into reality. Memories are still so vivid. How could I forget our Taxi ride of 2hrs literally we roam the whole city just to make him explain he loved me and me. We told the driver to go to random places and the only witness of this epic beginning was very happy. (Might be because his taxi meter was running high) And, rest is history. J

So how long did you get to plan your entire wedding?
”My entire wedding was of 4 days affair and they are Engagement, Sangeet, Wedding and Reception. We had our registry and engagement on the eve of Valentine’s Day, 14th Feb, 2015. After that, we fixed our grand wedding date on 26th Nov, 2015. I was having a dream time but looks like God was having some different plans. He had to go to United States in the month of June to pursue onsite assignment leaving me here all alone to arrange for wedding. Don’t worry I compensated it later by making him search for cosmetics in the states which took nearly a week & a dozen of shops for him. I still remember, it was so hectic for me to schedule everything within just 6 months or less. But I thank my parents and in-laws who helped me a lot to do those. And, he being absent at that time, my mother-in-law used to call me every time to finalize the invitation cards, sarees and all. I literally had to put lot of efforts for both the sides. But he was there over the phone/skype all the time giving his valuable feedback. I used to call Dino to tell “See, how efficient I am. How beautifully I am managing everything even after my 9hrs office. You should take training from me on how to do multitasking." Like literally, I didn't even get time to visit salon or follow any beauty regime during that time except once that too just 2 days prior to my wedding.”

Tell us something about where you got your outfits and accessories, both wedding and reception?
“My engagement lehenga was from Jashn, City Center 2.

My “Gaye Holud” accessories were custom made. It was designed by Tasnia Aniqua Haque from Bangladesh.
I got my wedding saree from Priyo Gopal Bisoyee, Triangular Park Gariahat. It was a beautiful vermillion red benarasi with meenakari work all over it. Actually, the color red is my favorite. Whenever I thought of my D-Day, all I could visualize me wearing a traditional red benarasi with classic boat neck blouse just the way our Mom, Dida wore. So, my look was exactly like this. Traditional red benarasiwith green boat neck blouse and a veil with net work.

My reception saree was from Adi Mohini Mohon Kanjilal. It was a zardousi mauve color benarasi. I wanted to look like a modern day corporate bride. So, my designer made a separate blue lahenga and blouse to make the look very chic and modern. My blouses for both the days, veil and lehenga designed by Raj Banerjee

All gold jewelries are from PC Chandra and Senco Gold. My nath is the only custom jewelry that I bought from Shree. And, my engagement kundan set was from a shop called Radha, Kolkata.

Where did you get your makeup and hair done?
My engagement and wedding make up was done by Abhijit Paul and hair by DebjaniThey both are amazing, I tell you. 

My gaye holud makeup and hair was done by Samitavo Deb who did such a fantastic job.

 My Reception makeup and hair was done by Ujjwal Debnath. He is truly a gem.

Tell us something about your photographer?
My whole wedding assignment including post wedding story was covered by Prasanta Singha - Fotosutra. He and his team were so professional yet down to earth; anything I say would be less for the team. They jelled up with our family so well that everyone started to love them and literally made my wedding journey like a dream come true.

Any special moment you want to share with us?
Oh yes. Actually, every moment is special in a wedding when you got to marry the love of your life. It's very hard to name one. But, I'll try. It was just before subhodristi. I was told to sit in a separate room as the bride groom can’t see each other before subhodristi. So, as per ritual Dino had to change his sherwani and wear another set of clothes given by us. Dino was coming to change his attire and got to see me by chance. Amidst the chaos and all those known unknown faces, he stopped just to get a glance of me and stared, as I was sitting all alone in the room smiling, feeling nervous, anxious, excited all in the same moment, decked up for my prince charming like what we call "laj’e ranga bou". And, he stared and stared until one came and said "Bolihoche ta ki(what is happening?)" and finally caught by me. Then, I knew this is the day, this is the moment I dreamt about.

Another special moment I would specially like to mention here. As I said we both belong to same locality, my in-laws arranged a palki(Palanquin) for my Vidai from my home to Dino's. When I sat in the palki and it started to move with palki song, I literally felt like I was on the ancient Bengal. And then I heard people outside saying "Palki te jai sona bou..sukhi hou maa go" (Newly married bride travelling to in laws’ house in palanquin, be happy be blessed) , I felt so blessed that day.

Any advice you want to all the readers out there?
“As the saying goes “Marriage is a mosaic you build with your spouse. Millions of tiny moments will create your Love Story.” Your love will grow when he will forget those special dates, it will be strong after each nonsense fight you will have over silly matters, love will continue when you will unseen those minor flaws of each other and it will last forever as you learn to be each other’s strength on your darkest days. Marriage is the most beautiful thing. Trust me. There is a saying that marriage is end of all your freedom –that’s a complete myth. We have all our freedoms and still making our dreams come true, one by one. Now it's your turn all the beautiful would be brides. Be super happy, have faith on your loved one, stay super positive, plan your wedding accordingly, click lots of pictures and look like a diva on your D-Day”

DeckandDine says:-
Aparajita di, your love story reminds me of mine, where I proposed the madman just to get rejected. Now when I remember those old days I just want to smile and cry at the same time. :P
Anyway, back to today’s topic and your looks. My my…you looked amazing. Your looks, on all the events, were terrific; perfect mixtures of modern and traditional elements. She had a perfect fairy tale wedding and looked every inch The Queen. When you are truly happy, it shows in your face. The bridal glow is impeccable. Loved your sarees, loved how your stylist incorporated the benarasi with a lehenga, oh my, I could have never imagined, love your makeup and love the sparkle on your eyes and curve on your lips. You looked breathtaking. And Prasanta da, as usual did a splendid job; I just can’t stop myself from staring at your pictures. AMAZING!

A very, very Happy Anniversary to you both. I was waiting for this day to post the article. Wishing you and Dino da all the happiness in the world. May the light of your love always glow upon your marriage!!! :)

Thank you for letting us feature your wonderful moments with us. 


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