ColourPop Glazed Super Shock Highlighter Review, Swatches and FOTD

Don’t you just love how a good highlighter can give you a subtle glow and your skin a luminous, radiant look?

In my quest to find the best highlighters, I came across the SUPER SHOCK range of highlighters from the house of Colourpop and today I’ll be reviewing Glazed from that range. So lets get into the nitty gritty details…  

What ColourPop says:-
“We took our famous Super Shock formula and added luminous pearls and glimmer to create the perfect crème powder highlighter.”

$8 for 0.15oz

The highlighter comes safely enclosed in a round shaped case with screw lid. Lightweight and compact. The transparent lids make it easy to detect the actual shade inside.

This is a beautiful, soft ivory gold highlighter with a warm brown tie dye blend; absolutely breathtaking and looks amazing on all complexions. The glitters are so minute, so soft and don’t at all spread across your face making you look like a disco ball. Too impressive!!

The thing I love most about the “Super Shock” range of products from Coloupop. The texture is to die for; bouncy, kind of spongy and has a cushiony soft feel. The powder-gel kind of formula is super soft, smooth, feels light as air and blends like a dream. As I said earlier, the glitters are “oh so smooth”, not at all chunky and don’t fall a bit and don’t move to the rest of your face.

Crazily pigmented. I love subtle glow and one swirl with my fingertip is enough for two cheeks. However, if you are a fan of Instagram highlighter trend, you might need two or more. Yes, you can pack it on to the intensity you like.

Staying Power:-
Staying power is amazing too. It stays all day, no wearing off or creasing.

I always love using fingertips for highlighters. Fingertip application provides the highest coverage with the tiniest amount. If you want a sheer look, you can go for a fan brush.

Summing up my likes and Dislikes:-

What I like about ColourPop Glazed Super Shock Cheek Highlighter:-
  • A gorgeous shade.
  • Universally flattering.
  • Gives an angelic sheen.
  • Creates a radiantly dewy complexion.
  • Soft, natural.
  • Glitters are non-chunky.
  • Glitters don’t move to the rest of your face.
  • Feather soft formula.
  • Silky, smooth texture.
  • Air-light.
  • Amazing color payoff.
  • Stays long.
  • Small amount is needed.
  • Cute and sturdy packaging.
  • Price is reasonable.

What I don’t like about ColourPop Glazed Super Shock Cheek Highlighter:-
  • Non-availability in India.

Final Thoughts:-
Colourpop highlighters are the best and can give biggy brands a run for money. After application you can immediately see how radiant your face looks. I have used it on bare skin and over base products, the results were equally satisfying. Innovative formula, incredible color payoff, long staying powder and a super affordable price tag, I recommend this highlighter to everyone. It is absolutely stunning.

Colourpop Glazed is said to be a close dupe of Tarte Strobe Pro Glow Highlighter. It is close to Fenty Start Struck as well.


Have you tried any of ColourPop's highlighters? Which is your favorite highlighter? Let us know :)

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  1. That looks like a great, highly pigmented highlighter!

  2. I always mean to buy colour pop and forget!

  3. The texture sounds like a dream!

  4. I must have bought the wrong Super Shock since I've had glitter all over me but I'm not young and cute like you.

  5. Wow! that highlighter is like a glow!! <3

  6. I love Colourpop! I would totally use this as an inner corner highlight!

  7. Wow, that's pretty good esp for the price. Thanks for the heads up

  8. Oh wow that is some excellent coverage!

  9. I love how you applied this. It looks so natural. Not a fan of over highlighting. You did it so well!

  10. Colour Pop is such a great brand! Can't beat the prices and the quality is really fantastic.

  11. What a beautiful color! It looks amazing on you!

  12. I'm so glad that it's not a disco ball highlighter!

  13. It looks perfect for you! I'll have to give these a try.

  14. This looks so great! I'm ashamed to say that I don't own any ColourPop products yet!


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