Derma Roller System Review: What is it? What is the hype all about? Is it worth it?

A barbaric, medieval torture device that you roll across your face and scalp in a hope to regain you hair growth or make your skin look beautiful, that’s what I thought of Derma rollers before using it.

I had been suffering from severe hair fall since time immemorial and NOTHING could really help me out of this problem. Yes, I did find a few hair care products that helped me in reducing the hair fall, but those even failed in the long run. That’s when I came through reviews of this Derma Roller System; people were raving and praising the product for its ability to effectively treat skin and hair issues.

Though I was skeptical at first, but finally I convinced myself “to go under the needles”. I was just planning to get one, but was not sure about the ones available in Amazon and Ebay. I was wondering what to do and that’s when I was contacted by the PR of the original Derma Roller System for collaboration. I became super elated and said “Yes” :P

What the company says about Derma Roller System 0.5mm:
The Derma Roller System is an effective way to smoothen your skin. By stimulating collagen and elastin and repairing your skin from the inside, your skin will stay beautiful. It prevents scowl lines, wrinkling of skin, lightens scars and marks. Simply use the Derma Roller System regularly, and your skin will stay healthy and smooth many years to come. The Derma Roller System can be used to treat, deep wrinkles, the decolletes (chest), on the backs of the hands and more. The Derma Roller System can also be used to effectively prevent and stop hair loss from occurring. It can help with hair restoration and re-growth by both men and women who are experiencing alociepia, balding, bald spots, receding hairlines and thinning hair.

What exactly is this:-
It basically is a rolling device with small needles on it which generate collagen, stimulate blood circulation and increase easy nutrient flow to your hair follicles, resulting in new hair growth. This also makes product absorption better by 1000 times.

$99.95 currently on discount at $49.95
currently on discount at $89.95 if bought with DermaCell Collagen Cream, PureDerm Collagen Face Mask and Derma Roller Travel Case.
You can buy it HERE

Packaging and Product Description:-
The derma roller comes housed inside a cylindrical plastic case. The outer cardboard packaging has all the important information. There is also a leaflet with all necessary details.

The Derma roller is tan in color with a drum shaped head that has metallic spikes attached to it and a plastic handle. It comes with a clear plastic cap that protects the head from dust and prevents breakage. 

Size Chart:-
See the Chart to know which size you might need.

 My Experience with Derma Roller Systems:-
As I said, I was very much afraid to use it at first. The very sight of it sent chills down my spine. 

But I overcame the fear pretty fast and have been using this for the past 2 months now. 
So how was my experience? Let the pictures do the talking …

Left one is taken before I started using Derma Roller and the right one is after two months of using it. There are hardly any products which works on my hair, even if it works, the results take like forever to show up. Talking about Derma Roller, I am really impressed with the results. You can see how “sparsely populated” this portion of my scalp was. Now I can see at least something there. My hair fall has also reduced to a great extend and I also felt that my hair was growing long faster. Sorry I don’t have a proof of that, got a hair cut quite recently Ohh.. I have been using it along with a homemade hair growth lotion. The brand though suggested to use Minoxidil 5%  .
As per using it on skin, I still have not used it there. Not because I am afraid, but I really wanted to see some results on my hairline before I jump into skin. I have almost a trouble-free skin (touchwood) and I don’t really use anything on my face unless I am 100% sure about it. Now as I am seeing the results on my scalp, I might use it on my skin too in the future, but a new one. :P 

  • As the myth goes that Derma Rollers are extremely painful and might need numbing cream. This is totally Rubbish. The 0.25mm to 1mm is not painful to use at all. You will just experience mild tickling sensation and it is totally normal. No need to freak out.
  • Another question which I have faced often is “Aren’t these affecting your hair roots”. Well, absolutely not. This doesn’t reach that deep into your scalp to affect roots. It is completely safe to use when you are using it properly and not jabbing yourself with it. My dermatologist even said that it is completely safe to use. 
  • Never, NEVER EVER share your Derma Rollers with anybody else; be it your husband, boyfriend, girl friend, soul mate, twin, mother or father. DO NOT SHARE.
  • Don’t give excessive pressure while rolling this on your skin or scalp.
  • Don’t use any Derma Roller you find in the market. Inferior quality product can produce subpar results. Look for “CE” on the packaging. CE approved means your derma roller has exceeded highest safety and quality standards.
  • Always disinfect your rollers with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide before and after using.

Final Thoughts:-
I am completely loving the results and waiting for some more “miracle” to happen. I can’t describe in words how amazing it feels to see the receding hairline coming back to something decent. I will continue using this and would recommend this to anyone who is suffering from severe hair fall. Just one thing, I wish it had a smaller price tag.

4.8/5 :)

So have you used Derma Rollers? If so, how was your experience? 

* PR Sample. But review is honest as always.


  1. So well explained
    I wish to use it too. Have hairfall issue. :(
    But the price :(
    Thanks for the recommendation Madhubani ;)

  2. Haven't tried it yet but I need to recommend this to my sister...

    Thanks for sharing the review dear...

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  3. I've used dermarollers for both my skin and hair. The pain will vary on the length of the needle. While I didn't have to use a numbing cream for my scalp I had to use one for my face as the face is more sensitive and I got the procedure done at a clinic with longer needles.

  4. This sounds really interesting. My husband and I have hairfall issues so this might help. Thanks for sharing.
    Ash |
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  5. This looks so scary! Yet there are so many benefits to it! Thanks for sharingg - ll try it outt

    Ankita | | Fashion & Beauty

  6. nice and detailed review...I am bookmarking this post....It will be useful for future reference....I have a sensitive skin...So, I am unsure if I'll ever use this on myself


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