10 Easy and Quick Nail Art Designs For Beginners

An easy-to-do nail art design is what every girl would want. No matter if you are a pro at doing nail arts or just a beginner, the easy nail arts make life a lot easier and colorful, that too in minutes. Today I am sharing a list of my favorite nail arts which can be tried by the beginners with ease.

Raindrops on my nails:-
Nothing makes me happier than seeing and feeling the refreshing drops of rain gently landing upon the thirsty ground. Rain makes everything better. It makes me happy and helps me to concentrate, relax, and sleep. So being a pluviophile, how can I not do a rain nail art tutorial?!
Go through the Step-by-Step tutorial HERE.

Nail Art using Sewing Thread:-
In this nail art I have taken the help of a piece of sewing thread. I love using household things to do my nail art. They are inexpensive, always there in the house and works great, sometimes better than professional nail art tools. Go through the Step-by-Step tutorial HERE.

Nail Art using Eye Shadows:-
Are you wondering what to do with your shattered eye shadow? Or are you planning to toss away those old pigments? Uhu..bother not. Using these pigments and eye shadows you can create chic, beautiful shimmery nail arts in minutes. This is so easy to do and looks amazing, will sure garner you loads of compliments.
Go through the Step-by-Step tutorial HERE.

Newspaper Nail Art Using WATER
Well, most of the nail art enthusiasts do this look with alcohol, but today I’ll be showing you how you can achieve it without alcohol, with just plain water. Water because it is safe and luckily easily available. Go through the Step-by-Step tutorial HERE.

Swirl Nail Art for Beginners:
In this nail art I have taken the help of a toothpick. Toothpick is a great tool in nail art as it can be used as a dotting tool to create various simple to exquisite designs. Go through the Step-by-Step tutorial HERE.

Splatter Nail art Tutorial
Splatter nail art is one of the easiest ways to create chic, colorful nails. It is super fun to splash and splatter colors on your nails. Go through the Step-by-Step tutorial HERE.

Red and White Hearts Nail Art:-
Go through the Step-by-Step tutorial HERE.

Easy Ombre Nail Art:-
Ombre and Nail Art are all the rage now. You can create beautiful ombre nails in seconds. The method is simple too. Select 2 or more colors of nail polishes. Select in a way so that the shades complement each other well. Now apply them on a makeup sponge next to each other. Dab it onto your nails. Repeat if required.

Easy Cherry Blossom Nail Art
The cherry blossom tree is truly a sight to behold, especially when it is in full riotous bloom. Love those small pinkish-hued flowers. So tried doing a cherry blossom nail art inspired by its beauty... This is easy and looks very pretty. Go through the Step-by-Step tutorial HERE.

Animal Print Nail Art:-
Animal print nail art look super chic when done correctly. The lines are super easy to draw and you can paint them with the help of thin brushes.

 That's all for today. I will be coming up with such compilations again soon. Let us know which one you liked the most. 


  1. wow dear....this s too good..... But, this is of no use to me...hahah...i have the dirtiest nail in this world....its very teeny tiny....I get my nails done always....No doing alone works fr me

  2. Amazing post, your posts are so helpful and detailed. Love the nail art designs you included in this post.

  3. some of them sound easy to try like the raindrops one and newspaper one... i shall give them a shot someday may be..

  4. These all look so amazing. Thanks for sharing.
    Ash | www.mstantrum.com
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  5. I like the sewing thread one. It seems simple enough for me to carry out and I can be as messy as I want.

  6. Omg! How amazing! Do you also have tips on growing your nails longer and stronger? Maybe an idea to do a blogpost on that sometime soon :D

    Ankita | Beautistaa.com | Fashion & Beauty

  7. i am definitely going to make attempt to these..because these look easy to do and lazy me going to love it :)


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