DIY Fashion: Turn Rs.30 rug/door mat into Boho-Chic Clutch

Hello my lovely people,

So after the immense response I got on my first DIY-Fashion post (Read HERE), I am back today with another DIY post for you all. All your love and support make me want to experiment with DIY tutorials even more.

I am a girl who won’t spend her hard earned money on something very regular looking, but priced sky high just because it has some highly coveted initials. Rather, I would spend that money to travel places and gorge on food. And to satisfy the need of having chic looking stuff, well, I can always make them from scratch, and that’s where the joy lies.

So today I’ll be sharing an easy DIY tutorial following which you can turn a dirt cheap rug/doormat into a chic looking, Boho clutch.


Things you'll need to make the above bag :)
  • Rug/ door mat (mine was 17″ x 12″)
  • Liner material (I used a scrap fabric that was lying in the corner of my drawer)
  • Zipper/press buttons/magnetic clasp/buttons (Optional)
  • Coins, Boho-pendants, pompom (Optional)

  • Lay the rug flat.
  • Fold the mat to decide on the size and shape you would like your bag to be. I first went with the body and then moved with the flip cover.
  • Time to add the inner lining. Place liner material on top of the rug. Measure it leaving about ½ inch gap from all the sides and cut accordingly.  Glue it or run a straight stitch to attach the liner to the rug. I went with fabric glue.
  • Now cut a pocket and glue it to the liner material, where you want the pocket to be. If you want to sew the pocket instead of pasting it with glue, you have to sew it to the liner before sewing the liner to the rug.
  • Now fold the lower portion of mat which is going to be the body of the clutch. Stitch the sides of the clutch and you are done. While stitching the sides, make sure you use a big sewing needle, smaller ones won’t work. The rug along with the liner material will become too thick, be careful!
  • Once you are done sewing, stitch press buttons, chains or magnet clasps as per your choice.

So that’s it. You’ll hardly need 30minutes to turn this regular door mat into this amazing Boho Chic bag. 

You can keep it as it is or can attach coins or Boho pendants, pom pom to give it a Boho-chic look. Let me know how you 

Let me know your thoughts and also don’t forget to share pictures if you recreate. Keep pouring your love. It keeps me going J


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