The Blushing Bride: Shrayashee Saha

Hello everyone,

Today we have another gorgeous bride on our “Blushing Bride” section. Meet our pretty bride Shrayashee Saha, who got married on December 2014.

Yes, it has already been a year that she got entwined in this beautiful bond, but the memories are still so fresh. Thus here she is with her beautiful wedding story. Have a look :)
How did you guys meet?
“We met on the first day of our kindergarten school. Yes, we knew each other for so long. We used to study in the same school till Class 3 and then he shifted to a different school. We were only classmates, so as the saying goes “out of sight out of mind”, then again we met during our coaching classes in Class X, but as we were busy and serious about our career, we opted only to be friends. Thereafter we both parted away as I was doing my studies in law and he was pursuing his MBA.
 Destiny had some other plans for us , so we again met each other after 7 years , but it took just few hours to understand that we were made for each other as time failed to fade the fondness and love that we nurtured for so many years , but was unable to express due to pressing situation like career and studies . We were established in our respective fields so it was not much of a problem to approach our parents with our decision to marry each other which they happily welcomed.”

How long did you get to plan your entire wedding?
“Our parents met each other officially to decide on the date on 20th April, 2014 and it was decided that we would get married on December 7, 2014, so I got approximately 7 months to complete all my preparations, from booking the hall, to buying my clothes, the gifts for my husband’s family and relatives, buying jewelries, booking photographer and so on.
I always dreamt of an open air wedding, so it had to be terrace wedding. I just went crazy for finding a perfect terrace banquet, even if we found some it was way beyond our budget. Finally I found the banquet hall, which was just as I dreamt of, a proper terrace banquet, at 36, Chowringhee Banquet hall at Lee Road, Bhawanipore.”
 Tell us something where you got your outfits and accessories?
“My mother always wanted that I should wear a traditional red benarasi saree, but as rebel by nature I always wanted to wear a different color , and so after a lot of argument with my mother and finally with her consent a bought a baby pink color Banarasi from Adi Akshay Bastralay  at M.G Road , Kolkata .

As every mediocre Bengali family my parents were buying my wedding jewelry from last four years, with all the savings that they could make. So on my wedding; I had enough to deck myself beautifully.  I wore a long necklace along with a pair of chandelier earrings which had intricate fresco designs and was purchased from P.C Chandra Jewelers, Elgin Road showroom. There was a small necklace, which was purchased from Senco gold jewelers, Jadavpur showroom. I wore a medium length adjustable necklace with a huge flower as the pendant, it was my ashirwad gift from my in laws and it was also purchased from Senco jewelers.  I am very fond of bangles and always wanted to own a Mantasha (broad gold bangle with a lock) and my wish was fulfilled, when my parents purchased one from Senco gold jewelers. There were also 4 pairs of gold bangles from P.C Chandra jewelers. I also wore a pair of Churbala  , which were of my mother’s and I always wanted to have them from my childhood days so those were gifted to me by Ma on my wedding day, and they are most special bangles that I own.
The nose ring and the mangtika were costume jewelry, because I did not prefer them in gold as they won’t be worn often, and they were purchased from Chique jewelry in the ground floor of Metro Plaza.”

Where did you get your hair and makeup done ?
 “My Hair and makeup was done by Mr Ujjwal Datta , who is extremely talented and very perfect at what he does. I was very particular about the fact that I needed a subtle makeup yet attractive one, so kudos to him to balance the same. He is a makeup artist to many Tollywood actors and actress and only does a bridal on special request. I was lucky that he agreed to do my makeup.”

Tell us something about your photographer?
“Photographs are a very important and crucial affair in a wedding, as the photographs are the only source which keeps the special moments alive. So after a lot of research I decided on choosing “Vermillion Diaries” as my photographer, whom I found on Facebook . Mr Soudip Dutta, was the person who took all the photographs, starting from my pre wedding shoot, and all the moments of the wedding were captured starting from the Gaye Holud ceremony till the next day at the time of Vidaai. The pictures captured were very natural and candid and the best thing was I was not asked to pose (as I am bad at that).”

Any special moment you want to share with us?
“The special moment for every girl I suppose in her wedding is when you get the signs of being wedded, so for me the special moments were when in the morning I was made to wear the sakha and pola and finally the next special moment was when my childhood friend became my husband while he smeared my head with the auspicious red vermillion in the ceremony of Sindur Daan .”

Any advice you would like to give to the readers?
“My advice to all girls who are planning for their wedding is do not experiment with your looks. You can be most comfortable in attire which you like, so wear at your choice, the colour that makes you happy, because if you are happy, automatically you will look beautiful. The whole procedure of getting ready for an grand event like marriage is an festival in itself, so enjoy that whole festivity. Please do not stess out, have enough opf sleep which will help you have a glowing skin.
Be yourself and always have that dazzling smile.”

DECKandDINE says:-
Love that pink Banarasi saree on her.  I always thought that a bride looks good only in red benarasi on her wedding day, but women today have changed the way I used to think. She looked so beautiful. Makeup Artist Mr Ujjwal Datta did a perfect job. I am glad she didn’t change Shrayashee into a completely different person. Her makeup had touches of rose gold and golden which went very well with her saree. She looked so happy and at ease, the smile says it all.


Thank you for sharing your story with us, Shrayashee.
May your life be filled with happiness and delights. Good luck on the days to come.


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