Miss Claire Blushers Review and Swatches

Hello everyone,

Hope you know about the Miss Claire haul post I published few days back. I was mostly excited about their lip creams, but couldn't stop myself from buying these beauties when I saw them.

So presetting four blushers from Miss Claire; they are in shade numbers 12, 17, 23 and 26.
Yes, they have shade numbers and not names. But as Shakespeare said, “What’s in a name?”; till the product inside is good.
So let’s jump straight into the reviews…
140 INR
The blush comes safely enclosed in a square shaped case with rounded corners. Lightweight and compact. The transparent lid makes it easy to detect the actual shade inside. Love the diamond pattern on the blush. The packaging is exactly like those NYX blushes.

For other details I’ll go shade wise:-

SHADE 12:-
A very pretty peachy brown on the pan and applies peachier on cheeks. It doesn't have any shimmers and has a soft powdery texture.
But it has poor pigmentation. It needs multiple swipes to actually show on your skin. Due to the poor pigmentation this blush stays only for 1-2 hours.

SHADE 17:-
It looks matte mid-tone pink, but in real it is a cool toned, bubblegum pink kind of color. Pretty and feminine.
It has a soft powdery texture and applies smoothly on cheeks. It is non chalky and gives a really natural, beautiful and feminine flushed look. Pigmentation is awesome and stays for about 5 hours.

SHADE 23:-
Peachy-rose pink which I feel is very unique. It has finely filled shimmers and the texture feels soft and smooth. Great for evening wear.

 It is well pigmented and stays for 6+ hours.

SHADE 27:-
It has the right amount of peach-brown pigments and golden shimmers in it which looks so beautiful and feels so soft. The shimmers are non-chunky and the texture feels soft and smooth.

Great for evening wear. It is well pigmented and stays for 6+ hours.

Summing up my LIKES and DISLIKES:-

What I liked about Miss Claire blushers:-

  • Beautiful shades.
  • Shade No 12 and 17 are versatile, can be used both during day and at night.
  • Shade 23 and 26 are great for evening outing.
  • Soft and smooth texture.
  • Shimmers are non-gritty.
  • Blends well.
  • Other than shade no 12, rest are well pigmented.
  • Have decent staying power.
  • Sturdy packaging.
  • Dirt cheap.
What I don’t like about Miss Claire blushers:-

  • Wish no 12 had a better pigmentation.
  • Though Miss Claire lip creams are widely available, their blushers are not very easy to find. (You can check this post to know where you can get these.)
Final thoughts:-
These are really nice and I am pretty much happy with my buy. These are great options for someone looking to ease themselves into the world of blushers. From pinks, peaches, brown to even red, plumy pinks and mauves, the brand has got a vast range of colors from which you can pick your favourites. So if you see these at a store, don’t think twice before buying.


These blushes are my recent favorite budget friendly blushers. Which is your favorite budget friendly blusher? Let us know. 
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  1. I want one... No wait I already own abiut 10 bkushes and I don't use them regularly... but I still want them... Damn u! :P :* Loved the piccies!

    1. :D :D :D :D
      get them..at least ek toh banta hain from this range..

  2. About*, Blush* See? So excited that multiple typos in a single comment :-/

  3. How much are they pricedd at

  4. How much are they pricedd at

  5. What could you get these days in ₹140?? Rhese are amazing i would love to try them out.

  6. Replies
    1. yup.. :)
      there are so many shades in this range...

  7. Colors are beautiful, I have seen many makeup artists in Kolkata uses Miss Claire products on bridal makeup :)

    1. yes.. miss Claire products are pretty famous among Kolkata makeup artists..

  8. Uiii maaa..27 is ssoooo pretty..looks like lakme ginger surprise..U'll make me buy these..

    1. yes.. its super pretty.. buy these and share the pics..

  9. Oh my God ... They are so budget friendly and beautiful shades !! Thank u for this review sweetie..❤️❤️ Would be buying them soon!!!

    1. yes. and i am sure you are going to rock in them..

  10. I have two of these and I just love them. Subtle soft and good for both day and night. Plus dirt cheap. Plus there are good matte ones. Love love love Miss Claire. Good post Maddy G+++


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