Splatter Nail art Tutorial

Splatter nail art is one of the easiest ways to create chic, colorful nails. It is super fun to splash and splatter colors on your nails. 

I created this nail art a day before Holi, and i felt, "Ohh my, this is so colorful, this is so Holi.."  Well I couldn't upload this tutorial then, but better to be late than never, I am uploading it today. Also, you can create this beauty anytime of the year. There is no harm in splattering colors. Today I’ll be sharing a  super easy  to do splatter nail art tutorial. So lets begin…

Things I used:-
  • A nail polish which acted as the base. I have used white.
  • Different colored nail polishes. I have used blue, pink, yellow and green. You can use acrylic paints as well.
  • A straw.
  • Tape/ gum
  • Clear top coat

  • Apply two coats of the white polish.
  • This splatter nail art will create a huge mess, so apply glue around your nails. After finishing off the nail art, you will just have to peel off the dried glue. I didn’t have glue with me today, so I went with tape.

  • Cut a regular sized straw to about 3-4 inches and dip into the polish. Place the straw above your nail and blow to create splatter effect. Position the straw closer to your nails for larger splatters and further away for smaller splatters.
  • Do this with all the colors you want to.
  • Let dry and apply the top coat. Remove the glue/ tape.

That is it. Isn't it is super easy? Do it. I am sure you are going to love it.

Have you tried doing splatter nails before? Let me know what you think about this nail art.


  1. Where all the 20 comments go?

  2. Where all the 20 comments go?

  3. This nail art definitely looks fun and very unique.

  4. Wow, this is so easy yet so beautiful. I must try this. Thanks for sharing :)


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