Blushing Bride: Bidisha Banerjee (Sinha)

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We are back on “Blushing Brides” with a very favorite person, Bidisha Banerjee. She is one of the very few brides I know who were “courageous” enough to bid “goodbye” to the trademark red Benarasi and opted for a different look altogether. I used the word “courageous” because it definitely takes a lot of courage to experiment with your bridal look.

Welcoming the very pretty Bidisha Banerjee (SInha) on deckanddine….

How did you guys meet?
“We met in the beginning of 2006 at Calcutta Global Chat Room of Yahoo Messenger :D
We were initially good friends. We met a couple of times. He graduated and I was in 1st year of college. Eventually he went to Pune and Bengaluru for job . While I graduated, he left for Florida, USA for his Masters in Engineering. We still were just good friends. But due to this long distance we just remained Facebook friends i.e, we were not that much in contact for two years. But one fine day (beginning of July 2012) we again started to chat like we used to do before and within a month he proposed me on my birthday!!”

So how long did you get to plan your entire wedding?
“Honestly, we did not get much time to prepare. We just had 6 months.
Luckily, there were not much wedding dates in the beginning of the year 2015. There were just one or two days in February and March. So it was kind of easier for us to book Swabhumi as the Wedding Venue. Venue selection was done around 6 months
before and I started with the shopping from the beginning of January 2015 (Wedding was on March 10th, 2015)”

From where you got your outfits and accessories, both wedding and reception?
“The wedding day sari is Georgette benarasi 

I got my Wedding Sari from Saarang , Park Street, Kolkata and Reception Sari from Vastra Kutim, Ballygunj , Kolkata. My jewelleries of the Wedding ​​​​Day were mostly from Senco Jewellery , Dey's Jewellery Mansion and  the Long neckpiece  was from Dubai (Gold Souk) 

Reception sari is kanjivaram silk from Vastra Kuttim and jewelry were from Syndicate Jewellery,City Center II, Kolkata. My accessories which I wore other days were from Vardaan Market, Kolkata.”

Where did you get your makeup and hair done?
“My Wedding Day Makeup was from Lakme Salon, Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata and 
Reception Day Makeup was from Green Trends Salon, Salt Lake City, Kolkata.”

Tell us something about your photographer? 
“Photographer from my side :
I can vouch for this~ They make the best Wedding Album ! They are also photo journalists other than being Wedding and Event Photographers.”

 Photographer from his side :
They make creative Wedding Photoshoot.”

Any advice you want to all the readers out there?
“Honestly speaking, Don't freak out before marriage !
Now and then you may have sudden cold feet. But it's normal .
I was always smiling throughout the wedding day because I knew this would be the most memorable day in my life so I couldn't seem to look worried in the pictures, Rofl ! So enjoy the wedding. Also take care of your skin the most before marriage. Start at least 4 to 5 months before so that on the main event the makeup artist gets the perfect canvas for the makeup because if your skin isn't nourished and well treated, makeup will not look good in pictures and for that you need to have a proper diet as well. So consult a doctor to get a proper food chart ! Needless to say, avoid junk food especially during this phase as it may hamper your skin and hair too. Instead, have good amount of vegetables, fruits and lots and lots of water. Also, workout for 45 mins everyday at home to feel fresh and rejuvenated.”

Deckandddine says:We completely love her looks. They were the perfect mixtures of modern and traditional elements. She looked every inch the queen when she was being carried in the Palanquin.  

She had a perfect fairy tale wedding. When you are truly happy, it shows in your face. This happens with Bidisha too. The bridal glow is impeccable.

Thank you for sharing your story with us. You two make a wonderful couple.
We wish Bidisha and Ushnish health and happiness J Stay blessed.  


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