Valentine's Day Makeup: Soft brown Smokey Eyes and Apricot Lips

Hello my sweeties,

How are you all doing and how is the season of love treating you? For me, Ahh…I don’t really believe in all these now. Yeah, there was a time when these days played pivotal roles in my life;.. actually these days seem important to all of us at some point of our lives, don’t they? But with time I realized singling a particular week or a day as love week or day isn't what I am happy with. I tend to dislike constructs especially if they encourage awkward situations...
Anyway, today I’ll be doing an easy Valentine’s Day look which you can do when going out with your Valentine. I love smoky eyes on me and so I tried doing this soft plumy-brown smoky eyes look with soft apricot lips and cheeks in a pale peach.

Lets begin...

My foundation is Sephora brightening and hydrating foundation. Apply a good concealer under the eyes, preferably couple of shades lighter than your actual your skin tone. It is very important to have a bright under eye area for any eye look to work.


Make sure you have an even and smooth base. Apply an eye primer so that the eye shadows can be applied in a smooth, even layer, and so that it will stay in place on the eyelid… I have used Urban Decay eye shadow Potion.
On my upper eye lid I applied a plumy brown eye shadow, it has finely milled shimmers. I blended the eye shadow with a dark brown eye shadow on the outer lid. This dark brown eye shadow has hints of burgundy and golden colored shimmers in it, much like Urban Decay Blackheart. I blended the colors with a matte light brown eye shadow on the crease area. On brow bone I applied a pale, shimmered golden colored eye shadow. All the eye shadows are from Coastal Scents 258 eye shadow pallet. I skipped any liner on upper lid and went straight to lining lower lash line. I applied Maybelline Colossal kajal and then took some brown on my brush and started smudging the kajal with it. I have completed my eye makeup with the L’Oreal Butterfly mascara.

I applied a layer of p
ink lipstick over a brownish nude lipstick. You can apply any apricot color or brownish pink lipstick on your lips.

I applied NYX Summer peach blush. You can apply any apricot or very soft natural-blush pink. I used Benefit Highbeam on my cheekbones and nose- bridge.

That's it. hope you liked the look. Don't forget to share your valentine's day look with us.. Would love to see.... :)


  1. I just love love love the look Darling :* :*

    1. thank you sooo much.. Your words mean a lot

  2. Gorgeous look Madhubani!
    I like doing brown and bronze smokey look, brightens Indian complexion very well.

    You are looking very lovely, what's on your lips?

    1. yeah.. brown and gold looks terrific on Indian complexion.
      lipstick is MAC velvet teddy mixed with a bit of Maybelline lip gradation pink 2. Thank you for the lovely words :)

  3. fall in love with your eyes !!! gorgeous !!!


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