Valentine Day Special Red and White Hearts Nail Art

Hello my lovely ladies,

Valentine’s Day is knocking our doors and different people of different countries will celebrate this day in different ways. I am celebrating the valentine’s week doing what I love, eit
her I am trying out different makeup looks to rock this day of love, or I am trying out different nail arts.
So after the Valentine’s Day look that I tried out yesterday, I tried this “Red and White hearts” nail art to celebrate the day of love my way. An inspired post, this is the first time I tried Drag Marble Art technique and unfortunately it didn't come out perfectly. I was planning to do it again someday and then post t
he tutorial, but some of my friends insisted to post today itself. Kindly bear ;)

The Tutorial
I have used a red and a white nail polish and a white polish to do the nail art. You can also add a top coat to give a glossy look. I skipped the top coat because the red nail polish I used gets smeared whenever it comes in contact with the top coat. This doesn't happen with any other shades. Anyway, you’ll also need a toothpick too.
  • You have to paint your nails alternatively with red and white.
  • Start doing one nail at a time.
  • I started painting my thumb nail with white nail polish. Add layers. You don’t have to wait in between layers. You need your nail polish to be wet in this nail art.
  • Apply 3-4 dots of red polish back and forth on your nails while the white is still pretty wet.

  • Take a toothpick and drag the red dots from middle. You have to do everything fast, don’t let the polish dry.

  • And that’s it. You have pretty, abstract looking hearts in a minute.
  • Now do the same with other nails too. Or you can alternate colors like I have done.

  • Let the nail art dry completely and then add a top coat.
[ I tried to add some sparkles on the red hearts of my middle finger. Failed miserably :( ]

So, that’s it. It is very simple and looks super pretty. You can also play around with colors of your choice. But as this was my Valentine’s Day special nail art, I chose to stick to red and white. 

Hope you liked it. Let us know. And don’t forget to share your nail arts with me. Would love to see...

See you on my next post.. Bye bye. Take care.. :)


  1. pretty and so easy to do....thank you for sharing darling :*

    1. Pleasure is all mine :D
      glad you liked it :)

  2. Super cute and will try surely. Its super easy too.

    1. Thanks dear :)
      I am so happy that you tried and sent the pictures.. Loved it on you :)

  3. Omg...superb!!! Jst fantastic babes!! Gonna dn it soon by u..hehe..simply awsum!!

  4. sundor!!! Amazing woman.
    Plewse do 1 wit black nail polish. His favorite color u knw


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