Rainbow Eye Makeup- Support gay marriage

Hello my beautiful ladies,

As we all know that the US Supreme Court has ruled that same-sex marriage is a legal right across the United States. As the world celebrates by posting rainbow filtered Facebook display pictures, I thought of doing something else to show my support.

So here goes my simple rainbow eye makeup tutorial :D. Hope you like the look.

( I preferred really bright poppy eye shadow colors for the tutorial, but I am at uncle’s place and only have some subtle shades)

Step 1:- I started with priming my eyes. I used my MAC studio fix mixed with baby lotion. It works great as a primer and when mixed with a little lotion, it moisturizes my eye area, and makes the shadow easy to apply and blend. Groom your eyebrows.

Step 2:- Applied a hot pink eye shadow on the inner corner of the eye. Started from the duct area, and spread it to 1/3rd of the eyelid.

Step 3:- Then I took an orange colored shadow and applied on the center of my lid, blended the harsh line in between.

Step 5:- Took a yellow colored eye shadow and applied on the crease area blending any harsh lines between the different colors.
Step 4:- Applied a blue colored eye shadow on the inner lower lash line and a green on the outer lower lash line.

Step 5:- Draw eyeliner and finish off with mascara.
And you are done :D 

You can choose colors of your choice. Like I did two different looks. 

It's raining rainbows in Facebook to celebrate gay marriage in US. We Indians must push our Govt to make such law in our country as well and ensure every citizen's fundamental rights. 

Let us know what you feel about the look.. :)


  1. Amazing!! N d approach too.. :)

  2. Superb!! You are truly talented girl..

  3. I really appreciate your efforts....Superb as usual....
    keep it up.....cheers

    1. Thank you sooo much... it means a lot...

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  6. Superb...awsum...as innovative lyk alwys...kp it up dear....


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